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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-01Miniaturized and Highly Sensitive Epidermal RFID Sensor for Reliable Skin Temperature Monitoring at a DistanceYu, Y; Qi, Z; Yi, D; Tang, M-C; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-11-03Multifunctional, Low-Profile, Compact and Wideband Inductive Grid-Array Metasurface AntennasLin, Q; Tang, M-C; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-09-21Experimentally Validated, Compact, Highly-Integrated Differential-Fed, Dual-Band, Diplex FiltennasLi, D; Tang, M-C; Li, M; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-05-11Electrically Small Antenna with Embedded Operational Amplifier Circuit Surpasses the Passive Upper Bound of the Gain-Bandwidth ProductYu, Y; Tang, M-C; Yi, D; Hong, D; Shi, T; Ziolkowski, RW
2021-12-01Wideband Compact Magnetic Antennas Based on Interdigitated Near-Field Resonant Parasitic ElementsChen, X; Tang, M-C; Ziolkowski, RW
2021-12-01Two-Element Huygens Dipole Array with High Isolation and Improved DirectivityTu, H; Wu, Z; Chen, X; Shi, T; Tang, M-C; Ziolkowski, RW
2021-02-17Yagi-Configured Electrically Small Antenna with Quad-Polarization DiversityTang, M-C; Lin, Q; Ziolkowski, RW
2021-02-17Broadband Dolph-Chebyshev Array Synthesized by Slow-Wave Transmission LineLi, M; Tang, M-C; Yi, D; Ziolkowski, RW
2021-01-01Broadside Radiating, Low-Profile, Electrically Small, Huygens Dipole FiltennaWu, Z; Tang, M-C; Ziolkowski, R
2020-12-01Compact Series-Fed Microstrip Patch Arrays Excited With Dolph-Chebyshev Distributions Realized With Slow Wave Transmission Line Feed NetworksLi, M; Zhang, Z; Tang, M-C; Yi, D; Ziolkowski, RW
2019-11Compact, Low-Profile, Planar Filtering Antennas Based on A Novel Coupling Feeding SchemeLi, D; Tang, M-C; Wang, Y; Hu, K-Z; Li, M; Ziolkowski, RW
2016-01-01A Filter-integrated Method to Improve the Radiation Performance of Planar UWB AntennaTang, M-C; Shi, T; Ziolkowski, RW