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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09-01Electrically small, low-profile, full-duplex Huygens dipole filtennaWu, Z; Tang, MC; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-08-01Low-Profile, Electrically Small, Ultrawideband Antenna Enabled with an Inductive Grid Array MetasurfaceLin, Q; Tang, MC; Chen, X; Yi, D; Li, M; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-07-01Multipole-Based Electrically Small Unidirectional Antenna With Exceptionally High Realized GainShi, T; Tang, MC; Chai, R; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-06-01Dual-Band, Differentially-Fed Filtenna With Wide Bandwidth, High Selectivity, and Low Cross-PolarizationLi, D; Tang, MC; Wang, Y; Hu, KZ; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-02-01Vertically Polarized, High-Performance, Electrically Small Monopole FiltennasTang, MC; Guo, P; Li, D; Hu, KZ; Li, M; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-02-01Wideband, High-Density Circularly Polarized Array with Reduced Mutual Coupling and Enhanced Realized GainChen, Z; Tang, MC; Li, M; Yi, D; Mu, D; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-01-01Electrically Small Antenna with a Significantly Enhanced Gain-Bandwidth ProductYu, Y; Tang, MC; Yi, D; Hong, D; Shi, T; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-01-01Development of Electrically Small, Bandwidth Enhanced, Vertically Polarized FiltennasGuo, P; Tang, MC; Li, D; Hu, KZ; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-01-01Compact, Wideband, Circularly Polarized, Inductive Grid-Array Metasurface AntennaLin, Q; Tang, MC; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-01-01Design of a Compact, Low-Profile, Differentially-Fed, Filtering Antenna for Diplexer ApplicationsLi, D; Tang, MC; Guo, P; Qi, ZY; Ziolkowski, RW
2021-12-01Electrically Small, Planar, Frequency-Agile, Beam-Switchable Huygens Dipole AntennaWu, Z; Tang, MC; Ziolkowski, RW
2021-11-01Compact differential diplex filtenna with common-mode suppression for highly integrated radio frequency front-endsLi, D; Tang, MC; Wang, Y; Hu, KZ; Ziolkowski, RW
2021-08-01Wideband, compact antennas with interdigitated magnetic-based near-field resonant parasitic elementsChen, X; Tang, MC; Yi, D; Ziolkowski, RW
2021-03-01Polarization-Reconfigurable Yagi-Configured Electrically Small AntennaTang, MC; Lin, Q; Li, M; Ziolkowski, RW
2021-01-01A Compact, Low-Profile, Broadside Radiating Two-Element Huygens Dipole Array Facilitated by a Custom-Designed Decoupling ElementTang, MC; Chen, X; Shi, T; Tu, H; Wu, Z; Ziolkowski, RW
2021An Interdigitated Structure-Based, Electrically Small Dipole Antenna with Enhanced BandwidthChen, X; Tang, MC; Yi, D; Ziolkowski, RW
2020-07-01Compact, Low-Profile, Linearly and Circularly Polarized Filtennas Enabled with Custom-Designed Feed-Probe StructuresTang, MC; Li, D; Wang, Y; Hu, KZ; Ziolkowski, RW
2020-06-01Design and Testing of a Simple, Compact Antenna with Reconfigurable Broadside and Monopole-Like PatternsTang, MC; Chen, Y; Chen, X; Mu, D; Ziolkowski, RW
2020-05-01Wideband, Electrically Small, Near-Field Resonant Parasitic Dipole Antenna with Stable Radiation PerformanceChen, X; Tang, MC; Yi, D; Ziolkowski, RW
2020-03-01Ultralow-Profile, Electrically Small, Pattern-Reconfigurable Metamaterial-Inspired Huygens Dipole AntennaWu, Z; Tang, MC; Li, M; Ziolkowski, RW