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1-Sep-2017Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity-Backed Slot Array Antenna Using High-Order Radiation Modes for Dual-Band Applications in K -BandLi, W; Xu, KD; Tang, X; Yang, Y; Liu, Y; Liu, QH
1-Aug-2017Seismic response of concrete-rockfill combination dam using large-scale shaking table testsWang, J; Yang, G; Liu, H; Shrawan Nimbalkar, S; Tang, X; Xiao, Y
15-Mar-2015China's unconventional oil: A review of its resources and outlook for long-term productionWang, J; Feng, L; Mohr, S; Tang, X; Tverberg, GE; Hook, M
1-Jan-2014Enhancement of voltage quality in a passive network supplied by a VSC-HVDC transmission under disturbancesTang, X; Lu, DDC
Jan-2009Opportunistic Contention-Based Feedback Protocol for Downlink OFDMA Systems with Mixed TrafficPatachaianand, R; Sandrasegaran, K; Mohd Ramli, H; Basukala, R; Muneesawang, P; Wu, F; Kumazawa, I; Roeksabutr, A; Liao, M; Tang, X
Jan-2008Which components are important for interactive image searching?Tao, D; Tang, X; Li, X
Jan-2006Asymmetric bagging and random subspace for support vector machines-based relevance feedback in image retrievalTao, D; Tang, X; Li, X; Wu, X
Jan-2006Direct kernel biased discriminant analysis: A new content-based image retrieval relevance feedback algorithmTao, D; Tang, X; Li, X; Rui, Y
Jan-2004Random sampling based SVM for relevance feedback image retrievalTao, D; Tang, X; NA
Jan-2004Orthogonal Complement Component Analysis For Positive Samples In Svm Based Relevance Feedback Image RetrievalTao, D; Tang, X; NA