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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Mar-2017Cross disease analysis of co-functional microRNA pairs on a reconstructed network of disease-gene-microRNA tripartite.Peng, H; Lan, C; Zheng, Y; Hutvagner, G; Tao, D; Li, J
1-Mar-2017Deep Neural Network for Structural Prediction and Lane Detection in Traffic SceneLi, J; Mei, X; Prokhorov, D; Tao, D
24-Feb-2017A Regularization Approach for Instance-Based Superset Label Learning.Gong, C; Liu, T; Tang, Y; Yang, J; Yang, J; Tao, D
1-Feb-2017Adaptive cascade regression model for robust face alignmentLiu, Q; Deng, J; Yang, J; Liu, G; Tao, D
2017Recent Progress in Image DeblurringWang, R; Tao, D
2017A Biologically Inspired Appearance Model for Robust Visual TrackingZhang, S; Lan, X; Yao, H; Zhou, H; Tao, D; Li, X
2017Active Multitask Learning With Trace Norm Regularization Based on Excess RiskFang, M; Yin, J; Hall, LO; Tao, D
2017Algorithm-Dependent Generalization Bounds for Multi-Task Learning.Liu, T; Tao, D; Song, M; Maybank, S
28-Dec-2016Scalable completion of nonnegative matrices with the separable structureTao, D; yu, X; bian, W
1-Dec-2016Linear Submodular Bandits with a Knapsack ConstraintTao, D; Yu, B; Fang, M
1-Dec-2016Teaching-to-learn and learning-to-teach for multi-label propagationGong, C; Tao, D; Yang, J; Liu, W
3-Nov-2016Online multi-object tracking by quadratic pseudo-boolean optimizationTao, D; Lan, L; Gong, C; Guan, N; Luo, Z
31-Oct-2016Sparse tensor discriminative locality alignment for gait recognitionZhao, N; Zhang, L; Du, B; Zhang, L; Tao, D; You, J
31-Oct-2016Embedded locality discriminant GPLVM for dimensionality reductionHan, B; Zhang, L; Gao, X; Zhao, X; Tao, D
Oct-2016Dimensionality-Dependent Generalization Bounds for k-Dimensional Coding Schemes.Liu, T; Tao, D; Xu, D
16-Aug-2016Deep semantic understanding of high resolution remote sensing imageQu, B; Li, X; Tao, D; Lu, X
13-Aug-2016Robust extreme multi-label learningXu, C; Tao, D; Xu, C
1-Mar-2016Classification with Noisy Labels by Importance ReweightingLiu, T; Tao, D
Mar-2016Multi-Directional Multi-Level Dual-Cross Patterns for Robust Face Recognition.Ding, C; Choi, J; Tao, D; Davis, LS
3-Feb-2016Local Rademacher Complexity for Multi-label LearningXu, C; Liu, T; Tao, D; Xu, C