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2022-03-01Hyperbranched polymers tune the physicochemical, mechanical, and biomedical properties of alginate hydrogelsMathew, M; Rad, MA; Mata, JP; Mahmodi, H; Kabakova, IV; Raston, CL; Tang, Y; Tipper, JL; Tavakoli, J
2022-02-02Developing Novel Fabrication and Optimisation Strategies on Aggregation-Induced Emission Nanoprobe/Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogels for Bio-Applications.Tavakoli, J; Shrestha, J; Bazaz, SR; Rad, MA; Warkiani, ME; Raston, CL; Tipper, JL; Tang, Y
2021-12Magnetic resonance elastography: A non-invasive biomarker for low back pain studiesTavakoli, J; Geargeflia, S; Tipper, JL; Diwan, AD
2021-02-16Revisiting an ancient inorganic aggregation‐induced emission system: An enlightenment to clusteroluminescenceZhao, Z; Wang, Z; Tavakoli, J; Shan, G; Zhang, J; Peng, C; Xiong, Y; Zhang, X; Cheung, TS; Tang, Y; Huang, B; Yu, Z; Lam, JWY; Tang, BZ
2021-02-05Aggregation-Induced Emission Fluorescent Gels: Current Trends and Future Perspectives.Tavakoli, J; Ghahfarokhi, AJ; Tang, Y
2021-01-13Modeling of human intervertebral disc annulus fibrosus with complex multi-fiber networksGhezelbash, F; Eskandari, AH; Shirazi-Adl, A; Kazempour, M; Tavakoli, J; Baghani, M; Costi, JJ
2021-01-01Understanding the lipid production mechanism in: Euglena gracilis with a fast-response AIEgen bioprobe, DPASReza, AM; Zhou, Y; Tavakoli, J; Tang, Y; Qin, J
2020-12-01Erythromycin releasing PVA/sucrose and PVA/honey hydrogels as wound dressings with antibacterial activity and enhanced bio-adhesionFathollahipour, S; Koosha, M; Tavakoli, J; Maziarfar, S; Mehrabadi, JF
2020-09-01Artificial intelligence enhanced mathematical modeling on rotary triboelectric nanogenerators under various kinematic and geometric conditionsKhorsand, M; Tavakoli, J; Guan, H; Tang, Y
2020-09The ultrastructural organization of elastic fibers at the interface of the nucleus and annulus of the intervertebral disk.Tavakoli, J; Diwan, AD; Tipper, JL
2020-09Elastic fibers: The missing key to improve engineering concepts for reconstruction of the Nucleus Pulposus in the intervertebral disc.Tavakoli, J; Diwan, AD; Tipper, JL
2020-07-29Tuning Surface Morphology of Fluorescent Hydrogels Using a Vortex Fluidic Device.Tavakoli, J; Raston, CL; Tang, Y
2020-07-10Advanced Strategies for the Regeneration of Lumbar Disc Annulus Fibrosus.Tavakoli, J; Diwan, AD; Tipper, JL
2020-07-01Vortex fluidic enabling and significantly boosting light intensity of graphene oxide with aggregation induced emission luminogenTavakoli, J; Joseph, N; Chuah, C; Raston, CL; Tang, Y
2020-07-01Vortex fluidic mediated one-step fabrication of polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel films with tunable surface morphologies and enhanced self-healing propertiesTavakoli, J; Raston, CL; Ma, Y; Tang, Y
2020-03-01Synthetic fluorescent probes to apprehend calcium signalling in lipid droplet accumulation in microalgae—an updated reviewReza, AM; Tavakoli, J; Zhou, Y; Qin, J; Tang, Y
2020-03Mechanisms of Failure Following Simulated Repetitive Lifting: A Clinically Relevant Biomechanical Cadaveric Study.Amin, DB; Tavakoli, J; Freeman, BJC; Costi, JJ
2020-02-18A hyper-branched polymer tunes the size and enhances the fluorescent properties of aggregation-induced emission nanoparticlesTavakoli, J; Joseph, N; Raston, CL; Tang, Y
2020-02-01Tuning aggregation-induced emission nanoparticle properties under thin film formationTavakoli, J; Pye, S; Reza, AHMM; Xie, N; Qin, J; Raston, CL; Tang, BZ; Tang, Y
2020-01Natural-based Hydrogels: A Journey from Simple to Smart Networks for Medical Examination.Tavakoli, J; Wang, J; Chuah, C; Tang, Y