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2023-07-25The What and the How: A pilot study of feedback from service providers and consumers about service development in new urban mental health hub.Wilhelm, K; Short, B; Chiem, L; Son Hing, M; Schiavuzzi, F; Evans, S; Taylor, M; Grant, P
2022-11-01How SARS-CoV-2 Omicron droplets transport and deposit in realistic extrathoracic airwaysIslam, MS; Rahman, MM; Arsalanloo, A; Beni, HM; Larpruenrudee, P; Bennett, NS; Collins, R; Gemci, T; Taylor, M; Gu, Y
2022-11U.S. Fortune 500's stakeholders engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence for proactive approaches.Yang, A; Sun, J; Taylor, M
2022-05-01Teaching about the Evolving Agency Relationships between Project Managers, Creative and Account ServiceBlakeman, R; Taylor, M
2022-04-15Recognising and measuring competency in natural hazard preparation: A preparedness competency indexRyan, B; Johnston, K; Taylor, M
2021-11Together in crisis: A comparison of organizational and faith-holders’ crisis communicationKochigina, A; Tsetsura, K; Taylor, M
2021-10-02The evolution and influence of Russian and Belarusian propaganda during the Belarus presidential election and ensuing protests in 2020Manaev, O; Rice, N; Taylor, M
2021-07-21Monitoring and evaluating government media and social media engagementTaylor, M
2021-07-09A Communication Toolkit to Build Trust: Lessons from Northern Ireland’s Civil Society PeacebuildersRice, C; Stanton, E; Taylor, M
2021-01-01Fostering Dialogic Engagement: Toward an Architecture of Social Media for Social ChangeKent, ML; Taylor, M
2021-01-01From Organizational-Centric Engagement to Network-Centric Engagement: The Role of Autonomous Public Communities in a Mediated Public Policy Advocacy NetworkYang, A; Taylor, M
2021-01-01Strategic Communication for Civil Society and Nation Building: Communication for Societal EffectivenessTaylor, M; Sommerfeldt, EJ
2020-05-01Interagency Collaboration: Account and Creative Teams Speak Out About Their RelationshipBlakeman, R; Haley, E; Taylor, M
2020-01-01Self-study in mathematics teacher educationSchuck, S; Brandenburg, R; Kitchen, J; Berry, A; Bullock, SM; Crowe, A; Taylor, M; Guðjónsdóttir, H; Thomas, L
2020-01-01The missing link in emergency management: Evaluating community engagementTaylor, M; Ryan, B; Johnston, KA
2020Learning from a rapid transition to remote emergency teaching: Developing a typology of online business education designsHuber, E; McEwen, C; Bryant, P; Taylor, M; Arthars, N; Boateng, H
2019-12-20Taylor, M. (2019). Internationalizing public relations education. In P. Turner, D. Soumia Bardhan, T. Quigley Holden, & E. Mutua (Eds.), Internationalizing the communication curriculum in an age of globalization (pp. 113-129) London: Taylor & Francis.Taylor, M
2019-11-01Public relations channel “repertoires”: Exploring patterns of channel use in practiceSommerfeldt, EJ; Yang, A; Taylor, M
2019-10-01The missing link in emergency management: evaluating community engagementTaylor, M; Ryan, DB; Johnston, DKA
2019-05-01Team Creative Brief: Creative and Account Teams Speak Out on Best PracticesBlakeman, R; Taylor, M