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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2014The Informativeness of Dividends and Associated Tax CreditsCoulton, JJ; Ruddock, CMS; Taylor, SL
2-Oct-2013Costs of Mandatory IFRS: Evidence of Reduced Accrual ReliabilityLai, CY; Li, Y; Shan, Y; Taylor, SL
Jan-2013Fundamentals or managerial discretion? The relationship between accrual variability and future stock return volatilityShan, Y; Taylor, SL; Walter, TS
Jan-2013Costs of mandatory international financial reporting standards: Evidence of reduced accrual reliabilityLai, C; Li, Y; Shan, Y; Taylor, SL
Jan-2012Robust anomolies? A close look at accrual-based trading strategy returnsTaylor, SL; Wong, L
Jan-2011Profit or prophet? A Case Study of the Reporting of Non-GAAP Earnings by Australian BanksChristy, JT; Taylor, SL
Jan-2009Audit quality, earnings quality and the cost of equity capitalLi, Y; Stokes, D; Taylor, SL; Wong, L; Faff, R
Jan-2009Errors in estimating unexpected accruals in the presence of large changes in net external financingShan, Y; Taylor, SL; Walter, TS; Faff, R
Jan-2009Capital markets regulation: How can accounting research contribute ?Taylor, SL
Jan-2008Estimating and validating a firm-year-specific measure of conservatism: Australian evidenceLai, C; Taylor, SL
Jan-2008The rise and rise of IFRS: an examination of IFRS diffusionChua, W; Taylor, SL
Jan-2007Accounting losses and earnings conservatism: Evidence from Australian generally accepted accounting principlesBalkrishna, H; Coulton, JJ; Taylor, SL
Jan-2006Accounting & audit quality surveillance: a working solution for regulators & exchangesLai, C; Stokes, D; Taylor, SL; Skeete, H
Jan-2006Auditor conservatism and audit quality: Evidence from IPO earnings forecastsLee, PJ; Taylor, SB; Taylor, SL
Jan-2006Nonaudit services and earnings conservatism: Is auditor independence impaired?Ruddock, C; Taylor, SB; Taylor, SL
Jan-2005Is 'benchmark beating' by Australian firms evidence of earnings management?Coulton, JJ; Taylor, SB; Taylor, SL
Jan-2004Corporate governance, insider ownership and operating performance of Australian initial public offeringsBalatbat, M; Taylor, SL; Walter, TS
Jan-2004Directors duties and corporate governance: have we gone too far?Coulton, JJ; Taylor, SL
Jan-2003Unit initial public offerings: stages equity or signaling mechanism?Lee, M; Lee, PJ; Taylor, SL
Jan-2003The association between audit quality, accounting disclosures and firm-specific risk: evidence from initial public offeringsLee, PJ; Stokes, D; Taylor, SL; Walter, TS