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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-12Managing volunteers in grassroots sportTaylor, TL; Morgan, A; Bradbury, T; O'Boyle, I
2017Human Resource ManagementTaylor, TL; Hoye, R; Parent, M
2016-01-01Tensions within Interorganizational Alliances: A sponsorship Case StudyMorgan, A; Taylor, TL; Adair, D; Hermens, A; Das, TK
2015-01-01Managing People in Sport Organizations: A Strategic Human Resource Management PerspectiveTaylor, TL; Doherty, A; McGraw, P
2015-01-01The security agencies' perspectiveTaylor, TL; Toohey, K; Parent, M; Chappelet, J-L
2013-01Strategic Planning for Development of Sport Events Tourism Industry in IranShooshinasab, P; Taylor, TL; Moeinfard, M; Kazemnejad, A
2013-01Managing Olympic VenuesDarcy, SA; Taylor, TL; Frawley, S; Adair, D
2012-04-03Engaging with graduate attributes through encouraging accurate student self-assessmentLawson, RJ; Taylor, TL; Thompson, DG; Simpson, L; Freeman, M; Treleaven, L; Rohde, F
2012-01Exploring the development of team identification: the contribution of social identity and the psychological continuum modelLock, D; Taylor, TL; Funk, D; Darcy, SA
2012-01Theoretical approaches and practical strategies for change managementMcGraw, P; Taylor, TL; Lock, D; Robinson, L; Chelladurai, P; Bodet, G; Downward, P
2011-01Social inclusion of muslim women in Australian community sportMaxwell, H; Taylor, TL; Foley, CT; Long, J; Fitzergerald, H; Millward, P
2011-01The Janus face of diversity in Australian sportTaylor, TL; Lock, DJ; Darcy, SA; Toohey, K; Taylor, T
2011-01Gender and cultural diversity in Australian sportFoley, CT; Taylor, TL; Maxwell, H; Long, J; Spracklen, K
2011-01Sport in Australia: 'worth a shout'Toohey, KM; Taylor, TL; Toohey, K; Taylor, T
2011-01Getting Involved in Sport: The Participation and non-participation of people with disability in sport and active recreationDarcy, SA; Taylor, TL; Murphy, AJ; Lock, D
2008-01Integrating work-ready learning into the curriculum contextualised by professionLitchfield, AJ; Nettleton, SC; Taylor, TL; N/A
2008-01Understanding the notion of accessible spaces and places: Sydney CBD Visitor Accessibility Web portal www.sydneyforall.comDarcy, SA; Cameron, B; Dwyer, LM; Taylor, TL
2008-01Case 28 professional rugby, community rugby clubs and volunteers: Creating advantage through better volunteer managementDarcy, SA; Taylor, TL; Cuskelly, G; Hoye, RS; Chadwick, S; Arthur, D
2008-01Volunteer motives and retention in community sport: A study of Australian rugby clubsHoye, RS; Cuskelly, G; Taylor, TL; Darcy, SA
2008-01Visitor accessibility in urban centres (Technical Report 90040)Darcy, SA; Cameron, B; Dwyer, L; Taylor, TL; Wong, E; Thomson, AK