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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01A Place-Based Critical Pedagogy in Turbulent Times: Restoring Hope for Alternative FuturesMartin, G; Te Riele, K; Malott, C; Porfilio, B
2011-01One size does not fit all - belonging and marginalised youthTe Riele, K; Bagnall, N
2011-01Breaking Down the Sense of 'Us and Them'Te Riele, K; Bottrell, D; Goodwin, S
2011-01Raising Educational Attainment: How Young People's Experiences Speak Back To The Compact With Young AustraliansTe Riele, K
2010-01Philosophy Of Hope: Concepts And Applications For Working With Marginalized YouthTe Riele, K
2009-01Educational Innovation for Young PeopleTe Riele, K; Riele, KT
2008-01Learning from Reciprocal Peer Observation: A Collaborative Self-studyPressick-Kilborn, KJ; Te Riele, K
2007-01How much longer is left of this stupid lesson?Te Riele, K; Wierenga, A
2007-01The relational dimension of "effective schooling" for marginalized young womenTe Riele, K; McLeod, J; Allard, A
2007-01Educational alternatives for marginalised youthTe Riele, K
2006-01Schooling practices for marginalized students - practice-with-hopeTe Riele, K
2006-01Youth at risk further marginalizing the marginalized?Te Riele, K
2005-01Transition complexities in a knowledge/risk societyTe Riele, K; Nigel Bagnall
2005-01Australia: Transformations in Youth TransitionTe Riele, K; Wyn, JG; Nigel Bagnall
2004-01Youth transition in Australia: challenging assumptions of linearity and choiceTe Riele, K
2004-01From Controlling to Constructive: Youth unemployment policy in Australia and The NetherlandsMeijers, F; Te Riele, K
2003-01Ongoing inequality in a 'knowledge economy': perceptions and actionsTe Riele, K; Crump, S
2003-01An inclusive learning culture: Post-compulsory education for a 'second chance'Te Riele, K; Searle, J; Yashin-Shaw, I; Roebuck, D
2002-01Young People, Education and Hope: Bringing VET in from the marginsTe Riele, K; Crump, S