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2023-02Integrated care and interprofessional education.Thistlethwaite, J
2022-08-09Using cultural historical activity theory to reflect on the sociocultural complexities in OSCE examiners' judgements.Wong, WYA; Thistlethwaite, J; Moni, K; Roberts, C
2022-08Engaging clinical examiners with structured feedback to enhance assessment practices.Wong, WYA; Moni, K; Roberts, C; Thistlethwaite, J
2022-05Interprofessional education important for transition to interprofessional collaboration.Thistlethwaite, J; Gilbert, J; Anderson, E
2022-04Evaluation of health professions education: An interprofessional perspective.Thistlethwaite, J
2022-04Characteristics of patients aged 50–74 years with a request for an immunochemical faecal occult blood test in the Australian general practice setting.Pollack, A; Busingye, D; Thistlethwaite, J; Blogg, S; Chidwick, K
2022-03Forecasting interprofessional education and collaborative practice: towards a dystopian or utopian future?Thistlethwaite, J; Xyrichis, A
2022-02Trust, scholarship and data sharing.Thistlethwaite, J
2021-11Advancing health care resilience through a systems-based collaborative approach: Lessons learned from COVID-19.Khalili, H; Lising, D; Kolcu, G; Thistlethwaite, J; Gilbert, J; Langlois, S; Maxwell, B; Kolcu, MİB; MacMillan, KM; Schneider, C; Freire Filho, JR; Najjar, G; Al-Hamdan, Z; Pfeifle, A
2021-09-01Curriculum Development in Interprofessional Education in HealthThistlethwaite, J
2021-06-05Validity of algorithms for identifying five chronic conditions in MedicineInsight, an Australian national general practice database.Havard, A; Manski-Nankervis, J-A; Thistlethwaite, J; Daniels, B; Myton, R; Tu, K; Chidwick, K
2021-02Being and ending.Thistlethwaite, J
2020-06Global perspectives on Covid-19 from the editorial board.Thistlethwaite, J; Locke, R; Buckley, S; Chandratilake, M; Jensen, G; van Schalkwyk, S; Weller-Newton, J
2020Learning and Teaching Anatomy Through Case-Based Learning (CBL)Thistlethwaite, J
2019-12-01Touch in health professional practice: a reviewDavin, L; Thistlethwaite, J; Bartle, E; Russell, K
2019-11-02How does medical education affect empathy and compassion in medical students? A meta-ethnography: BEME Guide No. 57Krishnasamy, C; Ong, SY; Loo, ME; Thistlethwaite, J
2019-01-01Repositioning interprofessional education from the margins to the centre of Australian health professional education-what is required?Dunston, R; Forman, D; Thistlethwaite, J; Steketee, C; Rogers, GD; Moran, M
2019-01-01A systematic review of the approaches to multi-level learning in the general practice context, using a realist synthesis approach: BEME Guide No. 55Dick, ML; Henderson, M; Wei, Y; King, D; Anderson, K; Thistlethwaite, J
2018-06-01Evaluating and prescribing new medicines in general practiceThistlethwaite, J; Weeks, L
2018-01-02Utility of selection methods for specialist medical training: A BEME (best evidence medical education) systematic review: BEME guide no. 45Roberts, C; Khanna, P; Rigby, L; Bartle, E; Llewellyn, A; Gustavs, J; Newton, L; Newcombe, JP; Davies, M; Thistlethwaite, J; Lynam, J