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2018-12-01Built environment interventions for human and planetary health: Integrating health in climate change adaptation and mitigationPrior, JH; Connon, ILC; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Capon, A; Kent, J; Rissel, C; Thomas, LE; Thompson, SM; Westcott, H
2017-02-17Combating overheating: mixed-mode conditioning for workplace comfortThomas, LE
2017-01-01Realising Intentions: An evaluation of green building rating tools for Australian buildingsThomas, LE; Thomas, PC; Brotas, L; Roaf, S; Nicol, F
2017-01-01Critical mapping for transformational citiesRoggema, R; Thomas, LE; Brotas, L; Roaf, S; Nicol, F
2016-03-01Field studies of thermal comfort across multiple climate zones for the subcontinent: India Model for Adaptive Comfort (IMAC)Manu, S; Shukla, Y; Rawal, R; Thomas, LE; de Dear, R
2016-01-01Clothing insulation as a behavioural adaptation for thermal comfort in Indian office buildingsRawal, R; Manu, S; Shukla, Y; Thomas, LE; Dedear, R; Brotas, L; Roaf, S; Nicol, F; Humphreys, M
2016-01-01Impact of workspace layout on occupant satisfaction, perceived health and productivityCandido, C; Zhang, J; Kim, J; deDear, R; Thomas, LE; Strapasson, P; Joko, C; Brotas, L; Roaf, S; Nicol, F; Humphreys, M
2015-01-01The Carbon Cost of Work—Impacts of Office Building and Commuting Energy in Sydney WorkplacesThomas, LE; Rickwood, P; Dilevska, J
2014Effective natural ventilation in modern apartment buildingsThomas, PC; Venkatesan, A; Thomas, LE; Rawal, R; Manu, S; Khadpekar, N
2014Assessment of Air Velocity Preferences and Satisfaction for Naturally Ventilated Office Buildings in IndiaManu, S; Shukla, Y; Rawal, R; Thomas, LE; de Dear, R; Dave, M; Vakharia, M; Rawal, R; Manu, S; Khadpekar, N
2014Shifting the norm – towards effective mixed mode buildingsThomas, LE; Rawal, R; Manu, S; Khadpekar, N
2012-01Refurbishment for carbon reduction and occupant comfort: insights from the post occupancy evaluation of three office buildingsThomas, LE; Hyde, R; Groenhout, N; Barram, F; Yeang, K
2012-01BOSSA - Building Occupants Survey System AustraliaCandido, C; de Dear, R; Thomas, LE; Kim, J; Parkinson, T; Skates, H
2010-09-01Evaluating design strategies, performance and occupant satisfaction: A low carbon office refurbishmentThomas, LE
2010-01Torrent Research Centre, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IndiaThomas, LE; Baird, G; Baird, G
2010-01Institute of Languages, University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW, AustraliaThomas, LE; Baird, G
2010-0140 Albert Road, South Melbourne, AustraliaVandenberg, M; Thomas, LE; George Baird
2009-01Using integrated urban models to respond to climate change in citiesBoydell, S; Giurco, D; Rickwood, P; Glazebrook, GJ; Zeibots, ME; White, S; Thomas, LE; Ranjan Bose
2009-01Beyond Appearances: Integrating environmental performance in architectural design educationThomas, LE; Gu, N; Ostwald, MJ; Williams, A
2008-01The aesthetics of environmental performance - a pedagogical approach to architectural designThomas, LE; Gu, N; Gul, LF; Ostwald, MJ; Williams, A