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2019-09-11Investigation of Alkali Threshold Limits and Blended Aggregate in ASR Risk-Assessed ConcretesVessalas, K; Nsiah-Baafi, E; Thomas, P; Sirivivatnanon, V
2019-09-08Investigation of ASR Reactivity through Slurry Dissolution TestsThomas, P; Roboredo, C; Boyd-Weetman, B; Vessalas, K; Farah, D; Sirivivatnanon, V
2019-09-08Assessment of Aggregate Reactivity Using Slurry TestsThomas, P; Ha Hau, V; Vessalas, K; Sirivivatnanon, V; South, W
2019-09-03An atomic force microscopy investigation of plastic wrapping materials of forensic relevance buried in soil environmentsSullivan, C; Thomas, P; Stuart, B
2019-08-27Aggregate reactivity to the alkali-silica reaction (ASR) in ground aggregate-cement pastesThomas, P; Boyd-Weetman, B; Rotaru, A; Vecchio Ciprioti, S
2019-08-15Application of Thermal Methods to the Characterisation of the States of Water in Precious OpalThomas, P; Rotaru, A; Vecchio Ciprioti, S
2019-05-05Effect of oil contaminated aggregates on cement hydrationAlmabrok, MH; McLaughlan, R; Vessalas, K; Thomas, P
2019-05-01Webs and rainbows: accomplished language teaching and Pelangi magazine bridgingHarbon, L; Thomas, P
2019-03-22An AMBT Study on the Effect of Limestone on ASR Mitigation: Ground Limestone Vs. Interground Limestone in CementsTapas, M; Vessalas, K; Thomas, P; Sirivivatnanon, V
2019-01-01Mitigating Alkali Silica reactions in the absence of SCMs: A review of empirical studiesNsiah-Baafi, E; Vessalas, K; Thomas, P; Sirivivatnanon, V
2019-01-01Mechanistic Role of Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs) in Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) MitigationTapas, M; Vessalas, K; Thomas, P; Sirivivatnanon, V; Kidd, P
2019Water in opal – what can it tell us?Thomas, P; Aldrige, L; Smallwood, A
2018-11-27Advantages of Using High Alkali Cements and Industrial Waste Materials in Prevention of Alkali-silica Reaction in ConcreteSanchez Roboredo, C; Thomas, P; Vessalas, K; Sirivivatnanon, V
2018-07-01Secretion clearance strategies in Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care UnitsNtoumenopoulos, G; Hammond, N; Watts, NR; Thompson, K; Hanlon, G; Paratz, JD; Thomas, P
2018-06-01Effective conversion of amide to carboxylic acid on polymers of intrinsic microporosity (PIM-1) with nitrous acidWu, WH; Thomas, P; Hume, P; Jin, J
2018-06-01Effect of Limestone Content in Cement on Alkali-Silica Reaction Using Accelerated Mortar Bar TestTapas, M; Brenner, J; Vessalas, K; Thomas, P; Sirivivatnanon, V
2018-05-01The mechanisms and consequences of inorganic reactions during the production of ferrous sulphate enriched bamboo biocharsPace, B; Munroe, P; Marjo, CE; Thomas, P; Gong, B; Shepherd, J; Buss, W; Joseph, S
2018-04-18What do images want? Towards an Economy of the Image in the Age of Digital EnvisioningTitmarsh, M; Thomas, P; Speed, C
2017-10-25Role of Supplementary Cementitious Material Composition in its Efficacy to Mitigate Alkali-Silica ReactionTapas, M; Vessalas, K; Thomas, P; Sirivivatnanon, V