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2023-10The effect of general practice contact on cancer stage at diagnosis in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal residents of New South Wales.Banham, D; Roder, D; Thompson, S; Williamson, A; Bray, F; Currow, D
2022-10-22Statistical analysis plan for the stepped wedge clinical trial Healing Right Way-enhancing rehabilitation services for Aboriginal Australians after brain injury.Armstrong, E; Rai, T; Hersh, D; Thompson, S; Coffin, J; Ciccone, N; Flicker, L; Cadilhac, D; Godecke, E; Woods, D; Hayward, C; Hankey, GJ; McAllister, M; Katzenellenbogen, J
2022-04-05The United Kingdom and the Netherlands maternity care responses to COVID-19: A comparative study.van den Berg, LMM; Balaam, M-C; Nowland, R; Moncrief, G; Topalidou, A; Thompson, S; Thomson, G; de Jonge, A; Downe, S; ASPIRE-COVID19 Research Team,
2022-01-01Bringing History Forward: Learning from Historical Context when Translating Contemporary Health Evidence into Planning PracticePaine, G; Thompson, S; Prior, J; Connon, I; Kent, JL
2021-09-28Healing Right Way: study protocol for a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial to enhance rehabilitation services and improve quality of life in Aboriginal Australians after brain injury.Armstrong, E; Coffin, J; Hersh, D; Katzenellenbogen, JM; Thompson, S; Flicker, L; McAllister, M; Cadilhac, DA; Rai, T; Godecke, E; Hayward, C; Hankey, GJ; Drew, N; Lin, I; Woods, D; Ciccone, N
2019-12-20Health and Planning for Victoria Park and Green Square Town Centre: A Contextual Review of Planning Strategy DocumentsPaine, G; Goh, L; Connon, I; Prior, J; Thompson, S; Kent, JL; Rissel, C; Thomas, L; Adams, J; Capon, A; McIntyre, E
2019-08-08What Evidence is Available to Translate into Planning Strategies for Healthy Higher Density Living?Connon, I; Prior, J; Kent, JL; Thompson, S; Rissel, C; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Capon, A; Thomas, L; Westcott, H
2018-01-02Influencing Urban Planning Policy: An Exploration from the Perspective of Public HealthKent, JL; Harris, P; Sainsbury, P; Baum, F; McCue, P; Thompson, S
2017-01-01Children and their family’s experience of waiting for unplanned minor surgeryThompson, S; Moore, G; Sheppard-Law, S; Tinsley, J
2015-01-01The arable city: Quantifying the potential for urban agriculture in the 21st century metropolisOsmond, P; Corkery, L; Wilkinson, S; Thompson, S; Hawken, S
2013-01Designing food efficient urban formsGhosh, S; Gurran, N; Phibbs, P; Thompson, S
2013-01The environmental and urban impact of personal rapid transit system in edge cities: Macquarie Park case studyZarafu, ME; MacDonald, HI; Glazebrook, GJ; Gurren, N; Phibbs, P; Thompson, S
2013-01Strategic Planning Policy in Sydney: Heading in the right direction?Gilbert, HJ; Gurran, N; Phibbs, P; Thompson, S
2012-01Owning Solutions: A Collaborative Model To Improve Quality In Hospital Care For Aboriginal AustraliansDurey, A; Wynaden, D; Thompson, S; Davidson, PM; Bessarab, D; Katzenellenbogen, J
2008-10-06Study protocol: Audit and Best Practice for Chronic Disease Extension (ABCDE) projectBailie, R; Si, D; Connors, C; Weeramanthri, T; Clark, L; Dowden, M; O'Donohue, L; Condon, J; Thompson, S; Clelland, N; Nagel, T; Gardner, K; Brown, A
2008-01A vexed terrain: exploring assumptions and preconceptions around planning education in universitiesPrior, JH; Harfield, S; Thompson, S; Gurran, N; Phibbs, P; Searle, G
2004-01X-ray diffraction characterisation of nanoparticles size and shape distributions: application to bimodal distributionsArmstrong, NG; Kalceff, W; Cline, JP; Bonevich, JE; Lynch, PA; Tang, C; Thompson, S; Savvides, N
2003-01Navigating the Sea of Diversity: Multicultural Place-Making in SydneyStewart, SC; Hanna, B; Thompson, S; Gusheh, M; Armstrong, H; van der Plaat, D
-Planning for health in higher density living: learning from the experience of Green Square, New South WalesPaine, G; Goh, L; Thompson, S; Connon, ILC; Prior, JH; Thomas, L