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2022-11-05Relational Narratives for Developing Knowledge at the Cultural Interface of Indigenous and Western KnowledgesThorpe, K
2021-12-17The Benefits of Aboriginal Language Use and Renewal – Literature ReviewThorpe, K; Booker, L; Grey, A; Rigney, D; Galassi, M
2021-12-08National survey on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment in Australian libraries: Research reportThorpe, K
2021-01-20The dangers of libraries and archives for Indigenous Australian workers: Investigating the question of Indigenous cultural safetyThorpe, K
2021-01-01Aboriginal Community-led Preservice Teacher Education: Learning from Country in the CityThorpe, K; Burgess, C; Egan, S
2021-01-01Activating and supporting the Tandanya Adelaide Declaration on Indigenous ArchivesBarrowcliffe, R; Booker, L; McKemmish, S; Thorpe, K
2021-01-01Rights in records: a Charter of Lifelong Rights in Childhood Recordkeeping in Out-of-Home Care for Australian and Indigenous Australian children and care leaversGolding, F; Lewis, A; McKemmish, S; Rolan, G; Thorpe, K
2020Transforming the archive: Returning and connecting Indigenous repatriation recordsThorpe, K; Faulkhead, S; Booker, L; Fforde, C; McKeown, T; Keeler, H
2019-07-01Ethics, Indigenous Cultural Safety and the ArchivesThorpe, K
2019-06-02Speaking back to colonial collections: Building living Aboriginal archivesThorpe, K
2019-03-01Taking the Mukurtu project internationalThorpe, K
2018-04-03Diversity, inclusion & respect: Embedding Indigenous priorities in public library servicesThorpe, K; Galassi, M
2016-10-01Discovering Indigenous Australian Culture: Building Trusted Engagement in Online EnvironmentsThorpe, K; Galassi, M; Franks, R
2016-09-01From principle to practice: Community consultation regarding access to indigenous language material in archival records at the state library of New South WalesNicholls, S; Booker, L; Thorpe, K; Jackson, M; Girault, C; Briggs, R; Jones, C
2016-01-02Indigenous voices in the State Library of New South WalesThorpe, K; Byrne, A
2012-09-01BRIDGING COMMUNITIES: Foundations for the interchange of ideasEvans, J; Faulkhead, S; Manaszewicz, R; Thorpe, K