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2023-10-01Preparation of boronate affinity controllable-oriented polysaccharides magnetic molecularly imprinted polymer and its application for membrane flux improvementZhang, Q; Hu, J; Yang, C; Li, J; Liu, N; Guo, W; Dai, C; Wang, L; Tian, Y; Ngo, HH
2023-02-18Electrolyte design principles for developing quasi-solid-state rechargeable halide-ion batteries.Yang, X; Zhang, B; Tian, Y; Wang, Y; Fu, Z; Zhou, D; Liu, H; Kang, F; Li, B; Wang, C; Wang, G
2023-02-01New Results on Finite-Time Synchronization Control of Chaotic Memristor-Based Inertial Neural Networks with Time-Varying DelaysWang, J; Tian, Y; Hua, L; Shi, K; Zhong, S; Wen, S
2023-02-01Nonlinear dynamic analysis of the functionally graded graphene platelets reinforced porous plate under moving massTian, Y; Li, Q; Feng, Y; Yu, Y; Wu, D; Chen, X; Gao, W
2022-12-10Application of a coupled hydro-mechanical interface model in simulating uplifting problemsPeng, M; Tian, Y; Gaudin, C; Zhang, L; Sheng, D
2022-10-28'Achievements and Challenges: Addressing the Lack of Certainty in the PRC’s Continuing Education Special Additional Deduction Policy – Insights from Australia’Tian, Y; Zhao, J; Nan, X; Bai, Z
2022-09-01Machine learning based altitude-dependent empirical LoS probability model for air-to-ground communicationsPang, M; Zhu, Q; Lin, Z; Bai, F; Tian, Y; Li, Z; Chen, X
2022-08-01Effects of Multisensory Distractor Interference on Attentional DrivingLin, CT; Tian, Y; Wang, YK; Do, TTN; Chang, YL; King, JT; Huang, KC; Liao, LD
2022-07-25Rational Electrolyte Design toward Cyclability Remedy for Room-Temperature Sodium-Sulfur Batteries.Wu, J; Tian, Y; Gao, Y; Gao, Z; Meng, Y; Wang, Y; Wang, X; Zhou, D; Kang, F; Li, B; Wang, G
2022-07-25Rational Electrolyte Design toward Cyclability Remedy for Room‐Temperature Sodium–Sulfur BatteriesWu, J; Tian, Y; Gao, Y; Gao, Z; Meng, Y; Wang, Y; Wang, X; Zhou, D; Kang, F; Li, B; Wang, G
2022-02-01Nonlinear dynamic stability analysis of clamped and simply supported organic solar cells via the third-order shear deformation plate theoryTian, Y; Li, Q; Wu, D; Chen, X; Gao, W
2022-01-01The effect of different sensory modalities on inattentional blindness in a virtual environment for attentional loss improvementTian, Y; Do, TTN; Wang, YK; Lin, CT
2022-01-01Nonlinear dynamic investigation of the perovskite solar cell with GPLR-FGP stiffeners under blast impactBo, L; Li, Q; Tian, Y; Wu, D; Yu, Y; Chen, X; Gao, W
2022The Political Economy of Technology Transfer Rules of the US-China Phase One Trade Agreement: Competition of Global Technology LeadershipTian, Y
2021-12-01A Novel Adaptive Steering Torque Control Approach for Human-Machine Cooperation Autonomous VehiclesWu, J; Zhang, J; Tian, Y; Li, L
2021-12-01The nonlinear dynamic buckling behaviour of imperfect solar cells subjected to impact loadLi, Q; Tian, Y; Wu, D; Gao, W; Yu, Y; Chen, X; Yang, C
2021-12-01Fusion Predictive Control Based on Uncertain Algorithm for PMSM of Brake-by-Wire SystemZhu, Z; Tian, Y; Wang, X; Li, L; Luan, X; Gao, Y
2021-11-13A Comparison of Common Video Game versus Real-World Heads-Up-Display Designs for the Purpose of Target Localization and IdentificationTian, Y; Minton, AG; Zhu, HY; Notaro, G; Galvan, R; Wang, Y-K; Chen, H-T; Allen, J; Ziegler, MD; Lin, C-T
2021-04-19Comparison on Energy Economy and Vibration Characteristics of Electric and Hydraulic in-Wheel Drive VehiclesZhou, S; Walker, P; Tian, Y; Nguyen, CT; Zhang, N
2021-03-01Dynamic analysis of unilateral harpoon-shift synchronizer for electric vehiclesMo, W; Walker, PD; Tian, Y; Zhang, N