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2023-11Intervertebral disc-on-a-chip: a precision engineered toolbox for low back pain studies.Tavakoli, J; Diwan, AD; Tipper, JL
2023-04-21A digitally driven manufacturing process for high resolution patterning of cell formations.Smith, MAA; Khot, MI; Taccola, S; Fry, NR; Muhonen, PL; Tipper, JL; Jayne, DG; Kay, RW; Harris, RA
2023-03-15Isolation and characterisation of wear debris surrounding failed total ankle replacements.Stratton-Powell, AA; Williams, S; Tipper, JL; Redmond, AC; Brockett, CL
2023-02-16Structure-function characterization of the transition zone in the intervertebral disc.Mirzaeipoueinak, M; Mordechai, HS; Bangar, SS; Sharabi, M; Tipper, JL; Tavakoli, J
2023An automated system for polymer wear debris analysis in total disc arthroplasty using convolution neural network.Kandel, S; Su, S; Hall, RM; Tipper, JL
2022-10-17A Biomimetic Nonwoven-Reinforced Hydrogel for Spinal Cord Injury Repair.Golland, B; Tipper, JL; Hall, RM; Tronci, G; Russell, SJ
2022-10Mixed material wear particle isolation from periprosthetic tissue surrounding total joint replacements.Stratton-Powell, AA; Williams, S; Tipper, JL; Redmond, AC; Brockett, CL
2022-08-11Elastic Fibers in the Intervertebral Disc: From Form to Function and toward Regeneration.Cyril, D; Giugni, A; Bangar, SS; Mirzaeipoueinak, M; Shrivastav, D; Sharabi, M; Tipper, JL; Tavakoli, J
2022-07ALTEN: A High-Fidelity Primary Tissue-Engineering Platform to Assess Cellular Responses Ex Vivo.Law, AMK; Chen, J; Colino-Sanguino, Y; Fuente, LRDL; Fang, G; Grimes, SM; Lu, H; Huang, RJ; Boyle, ST; Venhuizen, J; Castillo, L; Tavakoli, J; Skhinas, JN; Millar, EKA; Beretov, J; Rossello, FJ; Tipper, JL; Ormandy, CJ; Samuel, MS; Cox, TR; Martelotto, L; Jin, D; Valdes-Mora, F; Ji, HP; Gallego-Ortega, D
2022-06Current status and future potential of wear-resistant coatings and articulating surfaces for hip and knee implants.Skjöldebrand, C; Tipper, JL; Hatto, P; Bryant, M; Hall, RM; Persson, C
2022-04-15Detailed mechanical characterization of the transition zone: New insight into the integration between the annulus and nucleus of the intervertebral disc.Tavakoli, J; Tipper, JL
2022-03-01Hyperbranched polymers tune the physicochemical, mechanical, and biomedical properties of alginate hydrogelsMathew, M; Rad, MA; Mata, JP; Mahmodi, H; Kabakova, IV; Raston, CL; Tang, Y; Tipper, JL; Tavakoli, J
2022-03-01Micromechanical characterisation of 3D bioprinted neural cell models using Brillouin microspectroscopyRad, MA; Mahmodi, H; Filipe, EC; Cox, TR; Kabakova, I; Tipper, JL
2022-02-02Developing Novel Fabrication and Optimisation Strategies on Aggregation-Induced Emission Nanoprobe/Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogels for Bio-Applications.Tavakoli, J; Shrestha, J; Bazaz, SR; Rad, MA; Warkiani, ME; Raston, CL; Tipper, JL; Tang, Y
2021-12Magnetic resonance elastography: A non-invasive biomarker for low back pain studiesTavakoli, J; Geargeflia, S; Tipper, JL; Diwan, AD
2021-01-18Developing a Tooth in situ Organ Culture Model for Dental and Periodontal Regeneration ResearchEl-Gendy, R; Junaid, S; Lam, SKL; Elson, KM; Tipper, JL; Hall, RM; Ingham, E; Kirkham, J
2020-09Elastic fibers: The missing key to improve engineering concepts for reconstruction of the Nucleus Pulposus in the intervertebral disc.Tavakoli, J; Diwan, AD; Tipper, JL
2020-09The ultrastructural organization of elastic fibers at the interface of the nucleus and annulus of the intervertebral disk.Tavakoli, J; Diwan, AD; Tipper, JL
2020-07-10Advanced Strategies for the Regeneration of Lumbar Disc Annulus Fibrosus.Tavakoli, J; Diwan, AD; Tipper, JL
2019-01-01Neural cell responses to wear debris from metal-on-metal total disc replacementsLee, H; Phillips, JB; Hall, RM; Tipper, JL