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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015In the Light of David Batchelor's Books on Colour: Chromophobia and The Luminous and the GreyTitmarsh, M
4-May-2014The Luminous and the GreyTitmarsh, M
May-2014The ABC of PayntingTitmarsh, M
15-Apr-2014Towards an Ontology of Colour in the Age of Machinic ShineTitmarsh, M
2014Hundreds and ThousandsTitmarsh, M
Jan-2013Walk the Talk - The Politics of Artists Who Write - Part 1Titmarsh, M
Jan-2013Art vs Design: Saving Power vs Enframing, or A Thing of the Past vs World-MakingTitmarsh, M; Tonkinwise, C
Jan-2012The Autopoiesis of Colour in the Age of Machinic ShineTitmarsh, M; Baker, S; thomas, P; Varano, A
Jan-2012Public Fitting: Wet and Wild DiscussionsTitmarsh, M; Robinson, TM
Jan-2010Contemporary Hybrid Painting: The Aesthetics of a Post-Medium Condition,Titmarsh, M; Baker, S; Thomas, P
Jan-2009Consensual DissensusTitmarsh, M; Titmarsh, M; Gawronski, A
2009The being of paintingTitmarsh, M
Jan-2008ChromophiliacTitmarsh, M
Jan-2008Thinking Heidegger's post aesthetics through the expanded field of painting.Titmarsh, M; Palmer, C; Torevell, D
Jan-2006Feeling the Rub: Making an Ontology of PaintingTitmarsh, M; Gwilt, I
-Chromo-man, Chromo-vitruvian-man, Specific Painting3 and The LookTitmarsh, M; Sarah Newall
-Chromophiliac 2 (fluro pink) and Chromophiliac 2 (fluro green)Titmarsh, M; Karen Dimmock
-Chromophiliac 2 (purple) and Chromophiliac 2 (green)Titmarsh, M; Polkinghorne, J; Newall, S
-'Collective Polychrome, 2009'Titmarsh, M; Kandos Projects
-Bespoke Painting (pink), Bespoke Painting (blue), Public Fitting (video)Titmarsh, M; Strike, N; Borowski, M