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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2018Capacity estimation and verification of quantum channels with arbitrarily correlated errorsPfister, C; Rol, MA; Mantri, A; Tomamichel, M; Wehner, S
1-Jun-2018Rényi Divergences as Weighted Non-commutative Vector-Valued L<inf>p</inf> -SpacesBerta, M; Scholz, VB; Tomamichel, M
1-Feb-2018Operational interpretation of Rényi information measures via composite hypothesis testing against product and markov distributionsTomamichel, M; Hayashi, M
31-Jan-2018Sphere-packing bound for classical-quantum channelsCheng, HC; Hsieh, MH; Tomamichel, M
16-Jan-2018Beating the classical limits of information transmission using a quantum decoderChapman, RJ; Karim, A; Huang, Z; Flammia, ST; Tomamichel, M; Peruzzo, A
1-Dec-2017On variational expressions for quantum relative entropiesBerta, M; Fawzi, O; Tomamichel, M
1-Nov-2017Fundamental finite key limits for one-way information reconciliation in quantum key distributionTomamichel, M; Martinez-Mateo, J; Pacher, C; Elkouss, D
1-Nov-2017Moderate Deviation Analysis for Classical Communication over Quantum ChannelsChubb, CT; Tan, VYF; Tomamichel, M
18-Sep-2017Gaussian Hypothesis Testing and Quantum IlluminationWilde, MM; Tomamichel, M; Lloyd, S; Berta, M
1-Sep-2017Exponential decay of matrix Φ-entropies on Markov semigroups with applications to dynamical evolutions of quantum ensemblesCheng, HC; Hsieh, MH; Tomamichel, M
9-Aug-2017A meta-converse for private communication over quantum channelsWilde, MM; Tomamichel, M; Berta, M
9-Aug-2017Sphere-packing bound for symmetric classical-quantum channelsCheng, HC; Hsieh, MH; Tomamichel, M
9-Aug-2017Quantum Markov chains and logarithmic trace inequalitiesSutter, D; Berta, M; Tomamichel, M
1-Jul-2017Generalized Log-Majorization and Multivariate Trace InequalitiesHiai, F; König, R; Tomamichel, M
1-May-2017Multivariate Trace InequalitiesSutter, D; Berta, M; Tomamichel, M
1-Mar-2017Converse bounds for private communication over quantum channelsWilde, MM; Tomamichel, M; Berta, M
6-Feb-2017Entropic uncertainty relations and their applicationsColes, PJ; Berta, M; Tomamichel, M; Wehner, S
1-Jan-2017Strong Converse Rates for Quantum CommunicationTomamichel, M; Wilde, MM; Winter, A
3-Oct-2016A universal test for gravitational decoherencePfister, C; Kaniewski, J; Tomamichel, M; Mantri, A; Schmucker, R; McMahon, N; Milburn, G; Wehner, S
1-Oct-2016Correlation detection and an operational interpretation of the R�nyi mutual informationHayashi, M; Tomamichel, M