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2021-07-01Influence of Temperature on Photodetection Properties of Honeycomb-like GaN NanostructuresJain, SK; Low, MX; Vashishtha, P; Nirantar, S; Zhu, L; Ton-That, C; Ahmed, T; Sriram, S; Walia, S; Gupta, G; Bhaskaran, M
2021-01-01Multi-wavelength emission through self-induced defects in GaZnO microrodsRahman, MA; Ali, S; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2021Dopants and Impurity-Induced Defects in ZnORahman, MA; Phillips, M; Ton-That, C
2020-08-03Red luminescence in H-doped beta-Ga2O3Thanh, TH; Chikoidze, E; Irvine, CP; Zakria, M; Dumont, Y; Teherani, FH; Sandana, E; Bove, P; Rogers, DJ; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2020-06-01Enhancement of the UV emission from gold/ZnO nanorods exhibiting no green luminescenceFiedler, S; Lem, LOLC; Ton-That, C; Hoffmann, A; Phillips, MR
2020-05-21Chemical structure and optical signatures of nitrogen acceptors in MgZnOZakria, M; Bove, P; Rogers, DJ; Teherani, FH; Sandana, EV; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2020-02-28The role of surface depletion layer effects on the enhancement of the UV emission in ZnO induced by a nanostructured Al surface coatingFiedler, S; Lee Cheong Lem, LO; Ton-That, C; Phillips, MR
2020-02-24Cathodoluminescence study of electric field induced migration of defects in single crystal m-plane ZnOManyam, J; Ton-That, C; Phillips, MR
2020-02-13Correlative Study of Enhanced Excitonic Emission in ZnO Coated with Al Nanoparticles using Electron and Laser Excitation.Fiedler, S; Lem, LOLC; Ton-That, C; Schleuning, M; Hoffmann, A; Phillips, MR
2020-01-01Editorial: Topical issue "Nanomaterials for energy- and environment-related applications"Karazhanov, S; Cremades, A; Ton-That, C
2019-12-01Vacancy cluster in ZnO films grown by pulsed laser depositionWang, Z; Luo, C; Anwand, W; Wagner, A; Butterling, M; Rahman, MA; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C; Younas, M; Su, S; Ling, FCC
2019-07-31Surface polarity control in ZnO films deposited by pulsed laser depositionLuo, CQ; Ling, FCC; Rahman, MA; Phillips, M; Ton-That, C; Liao, C; Shih, K; Lin, J; Tam, HW; Djurišić, AB; Wang, SP
2019-04-26Highly Luminescent MgZnO/ZnO Multiple Quantum Wells for Photonics DevicesZakria, M; Huynh, TT; Ling, FCC; Su, SC; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2019-03-08Kinetics of charge carrier recombination in beta-Ga2O3 single crystals (Conference Presentation)Ton-That, C; Huynh, T; Lee Cheong Lem, L; Kuramata, A; Phillips, M
2019-03-01Puzzling robust 2D metallic conductivity in undoped β-Ga <inf>2</inf> O <inf>3</inf> thin filmsChikoidze, E; Rogers, DJ; Teherani, FH; Rubio, C; Sauthier, G; Von Bardeleben, HJ; Tchelidze, T; Ton-That, C; Fellous, A; Bove, P; Sandana, EV; Dumont, Y; Perez-Tomas, A
2018-10-29Kinetics of charge carrier recombination in β- Ga2 O3 crystalsHuynh, TT; Lem, LLC; Kuramata, A; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2018-10-10Spatial Distribution of Defect Luminescence in ZnO Nanorods: An Investigation by Spectral Cathodoluminescence ImagingZhu, L; Lockrey, M; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2018-08-17A facile method for bright, colour-tunable light-emitting diodes based on Ga-doped ZnO nanorodsRahman, MA; Scott, JA; Gentle, A; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2018-06-22Multi-Color Excitonic Emissions in Chemical Dip-Coated Organolead Mixed-Halide PerovskiteTanveer Karim, AMM; Rahman, MA; Hossain, MS; Khan, MKR; Rahman, MM; Kamruzzaman, M; Ton-That, C
2018-04-14Large-scale dewetting assembly of gold nanoparticles for plasmonic enhanced upconversion nanoparticlesClarke, C; Liu, D; Wang, F; Liu, Y; Chen, C; Ton-That, C; Xu, X; Jin, D