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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11-15Mechanical properties of helically twisted carbyne fibersZhao, Y; Luo, Q; Wu, J; Sui, C; Tong, L; He, X; Wang, C
2018-05-23Analytical approachTong, L; Luo, Q
2018-01-01Optimal design of bi- And multi-stable compliant cellular structuresLuo, Q; Tong, L
2017-09-02A novel algorithm using an orthotropic material model for topology optimizationTong, L; Luo, Q
2017-01-01A deformation mechanism based material model for topology optimization of laminated composite plates and shellsLuo, Q; Tong, L
2016-12-01Elimination of the Effects of Low Density Elements in Topology Optimization of Buckling StructuresLuo, Q; Tong, L
2016-10-01A study of mechanical peeling behavior in a junction assembled by two individual carbon nanotubesSui, C; Luo, Q; He, X; Tong, L; Zhang, K; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Y; Wu, J; Wang, C
2016-05-03Solutions for clamped adhesively bonded single lap joint with movement of support end and its application to a carbon nanotube junction in tensionLuo, Q; Tong, L
2016-04-01An algorithm for eradicating the effects of void elements on structural topology optimization for nonlinear complianceLuo, Q; Tong, L
2015-12-23Finite element formulations and algorithms for coupled multiphysics analysis of 0-1 and 0-3 polarized PLZT actuatorsZheng, S; Tong, L; Luo, Q
2015-12-01Optimal designs for vibrating structures using a moving isosurface threshold method with experimental studyLuo, Q; Tong, L
2015-08-05Design and testing for shape control of piezoelectric structures using topology optimizationLuo, Q; Tong, L
2015-07-24Structural topology optimization for maximum linear buckling loads by using a moving iso-surface threshold methodLuo, Q; Tong, L
2015-04-06Tensile failure mechanisms of individual junctions assembled by two carbon nanotubesWang, C; He, X; Tong, L; Luo, Q; Li, Y; Song, Q; Lv, X; Shang, Y; Peng, Q; Li, J
2014-01-01Mechanical characteristics of individual multi-layer graphene-oxide sheets under direct tensile loadingWang, C; Peng, Q; Wu, J; He, X; Tong, L; Luo, Q; Li, J; Moody, S; Liu, H; Wang, R; Du, S; Li, Y
2014-01-01Selection of integral functions for normal mode analysis in topology optimizationTong, L; Luo, Q
2011-04-01A variational principle and finite element formulation for multi-physics PLZT ceramicsLuo, Q; Luo, Z; Tong, L
2011-01-01Shape morphing of laminated composite structures with photostrictive actuators via topology optimizationLuo, Z; Luo, Q; Tong, L; Gao, W; Song, C
2010-08-01Design of adaptive cores of sandwich structures using a compliant unit cell approach and topology optimizationLin, J; Luo, Z; Tong, L