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2023Ultralow-Power Cryogenic Thermometry Based on Optical-Transition Broadening of a Two-Level System in DiamondChen, Y; White, S; Ekimov, EA; Bradac, C; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I; Tran, TT
2022-12-14Quantum Emitters in Hexagonal Boron Nitride.Aharonovich, I; Tetienne, J-P; Toth, M
2022-12-01Coherence Properties of Electron-Beam-Activated Emitters in Hexagonal Boron Nitride under Resonant ExcitationHorder, J; White, SJU; Gale, A; Li, C; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Kianinia, M; Aharonovich, I; Toth, M
2022-10-26Nanoscale 3D Tomography by In-Flight Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Atoms Sputtered by a Focused Ion Beam.Budnik, G; Scott, JA; Jiao, C; Maazouz, M; Gledhill, G; Fu, L; Tan, HH; Toth, M
2022-10-21Coupling spin defects in hexagonal boron nitride to titanium dioxide ring resonators.Nonahal, M; Li, C; Tjiptoharsono, F; Ding, L; Stewart, C; Scott, J; Toth, M; Ha, ST; Kianinia, M; Aharonovich, I
2022-10-11Suppression of Surface Roughening during Ion Bombardment of SemiconductorsScott, JA; Bishop, J; Toth, M
2022-06-20Electrical control of quantum emitters in a Van der Waals heterostructure.White, SJU; Yang, T; Dontschuk, N; Li, C; Xu, Z-Q; Kianinia, M; Stacey, A; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
2022-06-15Site-Specific Fabrication of Blue Quantum Emitters in Hexagonal Boron NitrideGale, A; Li, C; Chen, Y; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Aharonovich, I; Toth, M
2022-05-01Integrated room temperature single-photon source for quantum key distribution: publisher's note.Zeng, HZ; Ngyuen, MAP; Ai, X; Bennet, A; Solntsev, AS; Laucht, A; Al-Juboori, A; Toth, M; Mildren, RP; Malaney, R; Aharonovich, I
2022-04-01Integrated room temperature single-photon source for quantum key distribution.Zeng, HZJ; Ngyuen, MAP; Ai, X; Bennet, A; Solnstev, AS; Laucht, A; Al-Juboori, A; Toth, M; Mildren, RP; Malaney, R; Aharonovich, I
2022-03-31Spin defects in hexagonal boron nitride for strain sensing on nanopillar arrays.Yang, T; Mendelson, N; Li, C; Gottscholl, A; Scott, J; Kianinia, M; Dyakonov, V; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
2022-03-01Quantum emitters in 2D materials: Emitter engineering, photophysics, and integration in photonic nanostructuresKianinia, M; Xu, ZQ; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
2022-01-01Coupling Spin Defects in a Layered Material to Nanoscale Plasmonic Cavities.Mendelson, N; Ritika, R; Kianinia, M; Scott, J; Kim, S; Fröch, JE; Gazzana, C; Westerhausen, M; Xiao, L; Mohajerani, SS; Strauf, S; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I; Xu, Z-Q
2022-01-01Purcell Enhancement of a Cavity-Coupled Emitter in Hexagonal Boron Nitride.Fröch, JE; Li, C; Chen, Y; Toth, M; Kianinia, M; Kim, S; Aharonovich, I
2021-10-22Solvent-Exfoliated Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanoflakes for Quantum EmittersChen, Y; Westerhausen, MT; Li, C; White, S; Bradac, C; Bendavid, A; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I; Tran, TT
2021-10-06Generation of High-Density Quantum Emitters in High-Quality, Exfoliated Hexagonal Boron Nitride.Chen, Y; Li, C; White, S; Nonahal, M; Xu, Z-Q; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Toth, M; Tran, TT; Aharonovich, I
2021-09-01Phonon dephasing and spectral diffusion of quantum emitters in hexagonal boron nitrideWhite, S; Stewart, C; Solntsev, AS; Li, C; Toth, M; Kianinia, M; Aharonovich, I
2021-08-20Integration of hBN Quantum Emitters in Monolithically Fabricated WaveguidesLi, C; Fröch, JE; Nonahal, M; Tran, TN; Toth, M; Kim, S; Aharonovich, I
2021-07-21Coupling Spin Defects in Hexagonal Boron Nitride to Monolithic Bullseye CavitiesFröch, JE; Spencer, LP; Kianinia, M; Totonjian, DD; Nguyen, M; Gottscholl, A; Dyakonov, V; Toth, M; Kim, S; Aharonovich, I
2021-07-01Fabrication of Photonic Resonators in Bulk 4H‐SiCSchaeper, OC; Fröch, JE; Kim, S; Mu, Z; Toth, M; Gao, W; Aharonovich, I