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2024-04-10Biplex quantitative PCR to detect transcriptionally active human papillomavirus 16 from patient saliva.Deutsch, F; Sais, D; Keatinge, N; Hill, M; Tran, NH; Elliott, M; Tran, N
2024-03-28Exploring the utility of circulating miRNAs as diagnostic biomarkers of fasciolosis.Chowdhury, S; Ricafrente, A; Cwiklinski, K; Sais, D; Dalton, JP; Tran, N; Donnelly, S
2023-12-26The knowns and unknowns of helminth-host miRNA cross-kingdom communication.Chowdhury, S; Sais, D; Donnelly, S; Tran, N
2022-11Current state of play for HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancers.Deutsch, F; Regina Bullen, I; Nguyen, K; Tran, N-H; Elliott, M; Tran, N
2022-06-04Stage-specific miRNAs regulate gene expression associated with growth, development and parasite-host interaction during the intra-mammalian migration of the zoonotic helminth parasite Fasciola hepatica.Ricafrente, A; Cwiklinski, K; Nguyen, H; Dalton, JP; Tran, N; Donnelly, S
2022miRNA:miRNA Interactions: A Novel Mode of miRNA Regulation and Its Effect On Disease.Hill, M; Tran, N
2021-12Commandeering the mammalian Ago2 miRNA network: a newly discovered mechanism of helminth immunomodulation.Donnelly, S; Tran, N
2021-12The dynamic interactome of microRNAs and the human papillomavirus in head and neck cancers.Mason, D; Munger, K; Tran, N
2021-04-01miRNA interplay: mechanisms and consequences in cancerHill, M; Tran, N
2021-03-24Fasciola hepatica hijacks host macrophage miRNA machinery to modulate early innate immune responsesTran, N; Ricafrente, A; To, J; Lund, M; Marques, TM; Gama-Carvalho, M; Cwiklinski, K; Dalton, JP; Donnelly, S
2021-01-29An Evaluation of the Fasciola hepatica miRnome Predicts a Targeted Regulation of Mammalian Innate Immune ResponsesRicafrente, A; Nguyen, H; Tran, N; Donnelly, S
2021-01Global miRNA to miRNA Interactions: Impacts for miR-21.Hill, M; Tran, N
2020-08-10The characterization of extracellular vesicles-derived microRNAs in Thai malaria patients.Ketprasit, N; Cheng, IS; Deutsch, F; Tran, N; Imwong, M; Combes, V; Palasuwan, D
2020-01-30Fairwater Living Laboratory Milestone 2 ReportThomas, L; Wyndham, J; Huete, A; Woods, A; Tran, N; Runck, M; Nguyen, H; Wilkinson, S; Biloria, N; Dwyer, S
2020-01-01Developing a virus-microRNA interactome using cytoscapeHill, M; Mason, D; Monteiro Marques, T; Gama Carvalho, M; Tran, N
2020-01qPCR multiplex detection of microRNA and messenger RNA in a single reaction.Khoury, S; Tran, N
2019-09-01MicroRNA (miRNA)-to-miRNA Regulation of programmed cell death 4 (PDCD4)Ajuyah, P; Hill, M; Ahadi, A; Lu, J; Hutvagner, G; Tran, N
2018-08-01Human papillomavirus 16 E6 modulates the expression of miR-496 in oropharyngeal cancerMason, D; Zhang, X; Marques, TM; Rose, B; Khoury, S; Hill, M; Deutsch, F; Lyons, JG; Gama-Carvalho, M; Tran, N
2018-07-01MicroRNAs Regulating MicroRNAs in CancerHill, M; Tran, N
2017Sexual Clinical Outreach Refresher Training. Seventeenth Annual Meeting of the Inter-agency Working Group (IAWG) on Reproductive Health in CrisesTran, N