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2019-11-01Task sharing for family planning services, Burkina FasoMillogo, T; Kouanda, S; Tran, NT; Kaboré, B; Keita, N; Ouedraogo, L; Tall, F; Kiarie, J; Thatte, N; Festin, M; Cuzin-Kihl, A
2019-08-01Post-partum family planning in Burkina Faso (Yam Daabo): a two group, multi-intervention, single-blinded, cluster-randomised controlled trialTran, NT; Seuc, A; Coulibaly, A; Landoulsi, S; Millogo, T; Sissoko, F; Yameogo, WME; Zan, S; Cuzin-Kihl, A; Kiarie, J; Gaffield, ME; Thieba, B; Kouanda, S
2019-03-04Substance use Initiation among Justice-Involved Youths: Evidence from the Pathways to Desistance StudyBaggio, S; Heller, P; Barnert, ES; Tran, NT; Gétaz, L; Wolff, H
2019-01-01Clinical situations in detention settingsBéguelin, A; Bondolfi, C; Beaupère, P; Bodenmann, P; Gravier, B; Tran, NT; Juillerat, A; Fructuoso, A; Baggio, S; Heller, P; Gétaz, L; Wolff, H
2019-01-01Lack of health insurance among juvenile offenders: a predictor of inappropriate healthcare use and reincarceration?Baggio, S; Tran, NT; Barnert, ES; Gétaz, L; Heller, P; Wolff, H
2019The challenges of using blood-based miRNAs in the clinicTran, NT; Khoury, S
2018-11-16Words matter: a call for humanizing and respectful language to describe people who experience incarcerationTran, NT; Baggio, S; Dawson, A; O'Moore, É; Williams, B; Bedell, P; Simon, O; Scholten, W; Getaz, L; Wolff, H
2018-10-29Blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections: A cross-sectional study in a Swiss prison 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1117 Public Health and Health Services 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1103 Clinical SciencesChacowry Pala, K; Baggio, S; Tran, NT; Girardin, F; Wolff, H; Gétaz, L
2018-10-01Birth spacing and informed family planning choices after childbirth in Burkina Faso and the Democratic Republic of Congo: Participatory action research to design and evaluate a decision-making tool for providers and their clientsTran, NT; Yameogo, WMM; Langwana, F; Kouanda, S; Thieba, B; Mashinda, D; Yodi, R; Nyandwe Kyloka, J; Millogo, T; Coulibaly, A; Zan, S; Kini, B; Ouedraogo, B; Puludisi, F; Cuzin-kihl, A; Reier, S; Kiarie, J; Gaffield, ME
2018-08-15Safer tattooing interventions in prisons: A systematic review and call to actionTran, NT; Dubost, C; Baggio, S; Gétaz, L; Wolff, H
2018-08-02Prevalence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in detention settings: A systematic review and meta-analysisBaggio, S; Fructuoso, A; Guimaraes, M; Fois, E; Golay, D; Heller, P; Perroud, N; Aubry, C; Young, S; Delessert, D; Gétaz, L; Tran, NT; Wolff, H
2018-07-05Participatory action research to identify a package of interventions to promote postpartum family planning in Burkina Faso and the Democratic Republic of CongoTran, NT; Yameogo, WME; Langwana, F; Gaffield, ME; Seuc, A; Cuzin-Kihl, A; Kouanda, S; Mashinda, D; Thieba, B; Yodi, R; Nyandwe Kyloka, J; Millogo, T; Coulibaly, A; Bolangala, B; Zan, S; Kini, B; Ouedraogo, B; Puludisi, F; Landoulsi, S; Kiarie, J; Reier, S
2018-06-11Effectiveness of a package of postpartum family planning interventions on the uptake of contraceptive methods until twelve months postpartum in Burkina Faso and the Democratic Republic of Congo: The YAM DAABO study protocolTran, NT; Gaffield, ME; Seuc, A; Landoulsi, S; Yamaego, WME; Cuzin-Kihl, A; Kouanda, S; Thieba, B; Mashinda, D; Yodi, R; Kiarie, J; Reier, S
2018-05-29Wishful thinking versus operational commitment: Is the international guidance on priority sexual and reproductive health interventions in humanitarian settings becoming unrealistic?Tran, NT; Schulte-Hillen, C
2018-04-01Association of overcrowding and turnover with self-harm in a swiss pre-trial prisonBaggio, S; Gétaz, L; Tran, NT; Peigné, N; Pala, KC; Golay, D; Heller, P; Bodenmann, P; Wolff, H
2018-02-11Apple, condom, and cocaine - Body stuffing in prison: A case reportJalbert, B; Tran, NT; Von Düring, S; Poletti, PA; Fournier, I; Hafner, C; Dubost, C; Gétaz, L; Wolff, H
2018-01-01Coinfections between persistent parasitic neglected tropical diseases and viral infections among prisoners from Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin AmericaDa Silva Santos, L; Wolff, H; Chappuis, F; Albajar-Viñas, P; Vitoria, M; Tran, NT; Baggio, S; Togni, G; Vuilleumier, N; Girardin, F; Negro, F; Gétaz, L
2018-01-01Hepatitis B prevalence, risk factors, infection awareness and disease knowledge among inmates: A cross-sectional study in Switzerland's largest pre-trial prisonGétaz, L; Casillas, A; Siegrist, CA; Chappuis, F; Togni, G; Tran, NT; Baggio, S; Negro, F; Gaspoz, JM; Wolff, H
2017-11-30Clinical outreach refresher trainings in crisis settings (S-CORT): clinical management of sexual violence survivors and manual vacuum aspiration in Burkina Faso, Nepal, and South SudanTran, NT; Harker, K; Yameogo, WME; Kouanda, S; Millogo, T; Menna, ED; Lohani, JR; Maharjan, O; Beda, SJ; Odinga, EA; Ouattara, A; Ouedraogo, C; Greer, A; Krause, S
2017Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care in Humanitarian Settings: Select Signal Functions - Facilitator's GuideHarker, K; Doedens, W; Tran, NT