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Jan-2014Analysis of Stakeholder Concerns for Vehicle Navigation System Architecture SolutionKong, X; Liu, L; Tran, TP; Sandrasegaran, K; Quynh, N; Tran-Gia, P; Cho, D; Freeman, P
1-Aug-2012A cost-effective system design approach for vehicle positioning using GNSS/INS integrationKong, X; Liu, L; Tran, TP
1-Jan-2012Investigation of sequential pattern mining techniques for web recommendationNguyen, TTS; Lu, HY; Tran, TP; Lu, J
1-Apr-2011BSPNN: Boosted subspace probabilistic neural network for email securityTran, TP; Nguyen, TTS; Tsai, P; Kong, X
1-Dec-2010Modeling satellite positioning errors in different configurations from end user's viewpointKong, X; Liu, L; Tran, TP
Jan-2010Machine Learning Techniques for Network Intrusion DetectionTran, TP; Tsai, PC; Jan, T; He, S; Shawkat Ali, ABM; Xiang, Y
1-Dec-2009Expression-invariant facial identificationTsai, P; Tran, TP; Cao, L
Jan-2009Novel Intrusion Detection using Probabilistic Neural Network and Adaptive BoostingTran, TP; Cao, L; Tran, D; Nguyen, CD
2009Innovative machine learning techniques for security detection problemsTran, TP
1-Dec-2008An evaluation of bi-modal facial appearance+facial expression face biometricsTsai, P; Tran, TP; Hintz, T; Jan, T
1-Dec-2008An adjustable combination of linear regression and modified probabilistic neural network for anti-spam filteringTran, TP; Tsai, P; Jan, T
Jan-2008Adaptive Multiple Experts System for personal identification using facial behaviour biometricsTsai, PC; Tran, TP; Hintz, TB; Jan, T; N/A
Jan-2008Discriminant Subspace Analysis for Uncertain Situation in Facial RecognitionTsai, PC; Hintz, TB; Tran, TP; Jan, T; Delac, K; Grgic, M; Bartlett, MS
1-Dec-2006Boosted Modified Probabilistic Neural Network (BMPNN) for network intrusion detectionTran, TP; Jan, T
Jan-2006Boosted Modified Probabilistic Neural Network (BMPNN) for Network Intrusion DetectionTran, TP; Jan, T; NA
Jan-2006Fragments for composing collaborative systemsHawryszkiewycz, IT; Henderson-Sellers, B; Tran, TP; Karagiannis, D; Mayr, H
Jan-2006A neutral network classifier based design support system (NNCDSS) for network intrusion detection and responseTran, TP; Lu, J; Wang, D; Chen, S; Tolentino, M; Ding, Y; Ruan, D; Kerre, E