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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-17CDD: Multi-view Subspace Clustering via Cross-view Diversity DetectionHuang, S; Tsang, IW; Xu, Z; Lv, J; Liu, Q
2021-08-14ST-Norm: Spatial and Temporal Normalization for Multi-variate Time Series ForecastingDeng, J; Chen, X; Jiang, R; Song, X; Tsang, IW
2021-08-01Privacy-Preserving Stochastic Gradual LearningHan, B; Tsang, IW; Xiao, X; Chen, L; Fung, SF; Yu, CP
2021-05-19The Pulse of Urban Transport: Exploring the Co-evolving Pattern for Spatio-temporal ForecastingDeng, J; Chen, X; Fan, Z; Jiang, R; Song, X; Tsang, IW
2021-03-19Online Mental Fatigue Monitoring via Indirect Brain Dynamics EvaluationPan, Y; Tsang, IW; Lyu, Y; Singh, AK; Lin, C-T
2021-03-01An Empirical Study of Code Deobfuscations on Detecting Obfuscated Android Piggybacked AppsZhang, Y; Xiao, G; Zheng, Z; Zhu, T; Tsang, IW; Sui, Y
2021-03-01Complementary Attributes: A New Clue to Zero-Shot Learning.Xu, X; Tsang, IW; Liu, C
2021-01-14Face Hallucination With Finishing TouchesZhang, Y; Tsang, IW; Li, J; Liu, P; Lu, X; Yu, X
2021-01-01Shattering Distribution for Active Learning.Cao, X; Tsang, IW
2021-01-01Black-Box Optimizer with Stochastic Implicit Natural GradientLyu, Y; Tsang, IW
2020-10Multiview Alignment and Generation in CCA via Consistent Latent Encoding.Shi, Y; Pan, Y; Xu, D; Tsang, IW
2020-07-01Guest Editorial Special Issue on Structured Multi-Output Learning: Modeling, Algorithm, Theory, and ApplicationsLiu, W; Shen, X; Ong, YS; Tsang, IW; Gong, C; Pavlovic, V
2020-06-10Stochastic Multichannel Ranking with Brain Dynamics Preferences.Pan, Y; Tsang, IW; Singh, AK; Lin, C-T; Sugiyama, M
2020-04-01I/O efficient approximate nearest neighbour search based on learned functionsLi, M; Zhang, Y; Sun, Y; Wang, W; Tsang, IW; Lin, X
2020-02-01Fast and Low Memory Cost Matrix Factorization: Algorithm, Analysis, and Case StudyYan, Y; Tan, M; Tsang, IW; Yang, Y; Shi, Q; Zhang, C
2020-02Improving Generalization via Attribute Selection on Out-of-the-Box Data.Xu, X; Tsang, IW; Liu, C
2020-01-01Secure Metric Learning via Differential Pairwise PrivacyLi, J; Pan, Y; Sui, Y; Tsang, IW
2020-01-01VR-SGD: A Simple Stochastic Variance Reduction Method for Machine LearningShang, F; Zhou, K; Liu, H; Cheng, J; Tsang, IW; Zhang, L; Tao, D; Jiao, L
2020-01-01Copy and Paste GAN: Face Hallucination from Shaded ThumbnailsZhang, Y; Tsang, IW; Luo, Y; Hu, CH; Lu, X; Yu, X
2020Survey on Multi-Output Learning.Xu, D; Shi, Y; Tsang, IW; Ong, Y-S; Gong, C; Shen, X