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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04-01Domain Adaption via Feature Selection on Explicit Feature MapDeng, WY; Lendasse, A; Ong, YS; Tsang, IWH; Chen, L; Zheng, QH
2017-06-01Multi-instance dictionary learning via multivariate performance measure optimizationWang, JJY; Tsang, IWH; Cui, X; Lu, Z; Gao, X
2016-01-01Optimizing multivariate performance measures from multi-view dataWang, JJY; Tsang, IWH; Gao, X
2014-02-01Learning category-specific dictionary and shared dictionary for fine-grained image categorizationGao, S; Tsang, IWH; Ma, Y
2014-01-01Feature disentangling machine - A novel approach of feature selection and disentangling in facial expression analysisLiu, P; Zhou, JT; Tsang, IWH; Meng, Z; Han, S; Tong, Y
2014-01-01Region-based saliency detection and its application in object recognitionRen, Z; Gao, S; Chia, LT; Tsang, IWH
2014-01-01Concurrent single-label image classification and annotation via efficient multi-layer group sparse codingGao, S; Chia, LT; Tsang, IWH; Ren, Z
2014-01-01Spectral embedded hashing for scalable image retrievalChen, L; Xu, D; Tsang, IWH; Li, X
2013-08-05A feature selection method for multivariate performance measuresMao, Q; Tsang, IWH
2013-02-20Objective-guided image annotationMao, Q; Tsang, IWH; Gao, S
2013-01-18Sparse representation with kernelsGao, S; Tsang, IWH; Chia, LT
2013-01-01Laplacian sparse coding, Hypergraph Laplacian sparse coding, and applicationsGao, S; Tsang, IWH; Chia, LT
2012-12-01Co-labeling: A new multi-view learning approach for ambiguous problemsLi, W; Duan, L; Tsang, IWH; Xu, D
2012-12-01Domain adaptation from multiple sources: A domain-dependent regularization approachDuan, L; Xu, D; Tsang, IWH
2012-12-01Learning target predictive function without target labelsSeah, CW; Tsang, IWH; Ong, YS; Mao, Q
2012-10-10A split-merge framework for comparing clusteringsXiang, Q; Mao, Q; Chai, KMA; Chieu, HL; Tsang, IWH; Zhao, Z
2012-10-01Batch mode Adaptive Multiple Instance Learning for computer vision tasksLi, W; Duan, L; Tsang, IWH; Xu, D
2012-09-05Visual event recognition in videos by learning from web dataDuan, L; Xu, D; Tsang, IWH; Luo, J
2011-12-01Text-based image retrieval using progressive multi-instance learningLi, W; Duan, L; Xu, D; Tsang, IWH
2011-12-01Optimizing performance measures for feature selectionMao, Q; Tsang, IWH