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2023-12-18Parents' preferences for receiving and discussing prognostic genetic information regarding their children's neurodevelopmental condition: A qualitative study.Turbitt, E; Bourne, M; McEwen, A; Amor, DJ
2023-11Extending an Antiracism Lens to the Implementation of Precision Public Health Interventions.Allen, CG; Olstad, DL; Kahkoska, AR; Guan, Y; Ramos, PS; Steinberg, J; Staras, SAS; Lumpkins, CY; Milko, LV; Turbitt, E; Rahm, AK; Saylor, KW; Best, S; Hatch, A; Santangelo, I; Roberts, MC
2023-10Motivations to learn genomic information are not exceptional: Lessons from behavioral science.Taber, JM; Peters, E; Klein, WMP; Cameron, LD; Turbitt, E; Biesecker, BB
2023-08-04Genetic testing and other healthcare use by Black and white individuals in a genomic sequencing study.Saylor, KW; Klein, WM; Calancie, L; Lewis, KL; Biesecker, LG; Turbitt, E; Roberts, MC
2023-07-27Special Issue: "Genetic Counseling and Genetic Testing in Precision Medicine".Turbitt, E; Jacobs, C; McEwen, A
2023-07Free Online Decision Tools to Support Parents Making Decisions About Their Children's Chronic Health Condition: An Environmental Scan.Wilkin, T; Stott, A; Lin, JL; Pate, J; McEwen, A; Verhagen, A; Turbitt, E
2023-06-21A survey of genetic and palliative care health professionals' views of integrating genetics into palliative care.White, S; Turbitt, E; Rogers, K; Tucker, K; McEwen, A; Best, M; Phillips, JL; Jacobs, C
2023-05-11Models of communication for polygenic scores and associated behavioural and psychological outcomes: a systematic reviewWallingford, C; Kovilpillai, H; Jacobs, C; Turbitt, E; Primiero, C; Brockman, D; Soyer, HP; McInerney-Leo, A; Yanes, T
2023-02-13Do Teachers Question the Reality of Pain in Their Students? A Survey Using the Concept of Pain Inventory-Proxy (COPI-Proxy).Fechner, R; Noel, M; Verhagen, A; Turbitt, E; Pate, JW
2023-01Models of communication for polygenic scores and associated psychosocial and behavioral effects on recipients: A systematic review.Wallingford, CK; Kovilpillai, H; Jacobs, C; Turbitt, E; Primiero, CA; Young, M-A; Brockman, DG; Soyer, HP; McInerney-Leo, AM; Yanes, T
2023Australasian Genetic Counselors' Perceptions of Their Role in Supporting Clients' Behavior Change.Jacobs, C; Turbitt, E; McEwen, A; Atkins, L
2022-12-11The PrU: Development and validation of a measure to assess personal utility of genomic results.Turbitt, E; Kohler, JN; Angelo, F; Miller, IM; Lewis, KL; Goddard, KAB; Wilfond, BS; Biesecker, BB; Leo, MC
2022-12Do online decision aids reflect new prenatal screening and testing options? An environmental scan and content analysisLu, JYT; McKinn, S; Freeman, L; Turbitt, E; Bonner, C
2022-09-26Communicating Personal Melanoma Polygenic Risk Information: Participants' Experiences of Genetic Counseling in a Community-Based Study.Smit, AK; Espinoza, D; Fenton, GL; Kirk, J; Innes, JS; McGovern, M; Limb, S; On Behalf Of The Managing Your Risk Study Group,; Turbitt, E; Cust, AE
2022-09-05Approaching discussions about genetics with palliative patients and their families: a qualitative exploration with genetic health professionals.White, S; Turbitt, E; Phillips, JL; Jacobs, C
2022-09-01Addressing underrepresentation in genomics research through community engagement.Lemke, AA; Esplin, ED; Goldenberg, AJ; Gonzaga-Jauregui, C; Hanchard, NA; Harris-Wai, J; Ideozu, JE; Isasi, R; Landstrom, AP; Prince, AER; Turbitt, E; Sabatello, M; Schrier Vergano, SA; Taylor, MRG; Yu, J-H; Brothers, KB; Garrison, NA
2022-07-07Precision Public Health Initiatives in Cancer: Proceedings from the Transdisciplinary Conference for Future Leaders in Precision Public Health.Allen, CG; Turbitt, E; Smit, AK; Passero, LE; Olstad, DL; Hatch, A; Landry, L; Roberts, MC
2022Using a Participatory Approach to Develop Research Priorities for Future Leaders in Cancer-Related Precision Public Health.Roberts, MC; Mader, JM; Turbitt, E; Smit, AK; Landry, L; Olstad, DL; Passero, LE; Allen, CG
2022Attitudes of Australian dermatologists on the use of genetic testing: A cross-sectional survey with a focus on melanoma.Primiero, CA; Baker, AM; Wallingford, CK; Maas, EJ; Yanes, T; Fowles, L; Janda, M; Young, M-A; Nisselle, A; Terrill, B; Lodge, JM; Tiller, JM; Lacaze, P; Andersen, H; McErlean, G; Turbitt, E; Soyer, HP; McInerney-Leo, AM
2021-10Uptake of Genetic Testing Among Patients with Cancer At Risk for Lynch Syndrome in the National Health Interview Survey.Actkins, KV; Srinivasan, S; Spees, LP; Turbitt, E; Allen, CG; Roberts, MC