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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-07The use and Usefulness of Actor‐Network Theory as a Basis for Social Research: A Consideration of Some Recent PublicationsUnderwood, J; Brown, A; Rich, M
2014-01-01Rewriting, redesigning and reimagining the recipe for more sustainable food systemsFrawley, JK; Dyson, LE; Underwood, J
2013-09-01Decentralized coordinated tracking with mixed discrete-continuous decisionsXu, Z; Fitch, R; Underwood, J; Sukkarieh, S
2013-07-01Selective combination of visual and thermal imaging for resilient localization in adverse conditions: Day and night, smoke and fireBrunner, C; Peynot, T; Vidal-Calleja, T; Underwood, J
2012-01Power and discourse in information systems practice: a narrative research methodHart, AC; Underwood, J; Lamp, J
2012-01Looking Back to Tomorrow: Research, Teaching and Practice in ISUnderwood, J; Lamp, J
2011-01Making Information Systems Material through Blackboxing: Allies, Translation and Due ProcessUnderwood, J; Tabak, E
2011-01Using Actor-Network Theory to Research the Adoption of Inter-Organizational Information SystemsUnderwood, J; McCabe, B; Vaidya Kishor
2010-01Having a Say: Voices for all the Actors in AN T Research?Kennan, M; Cecez-Kecmanov, D; Underwood, J
2010-01Traversing the Edge: Using Discourse Analysis to Understand IS Power RelationsHart, AC; Underwood, J; Esteves, J
2009-01Overcoming the Fear of the Social - Moving With ANT Into Burrell and Morgan's Empty boxUnderwood, J; Joseph Azzopardi
2008-01Varieties of Actor-Network Theory in Information Systems ResearchUnderwood, J; Brown, A
2007-01Affordance and Affect in Promotional WebsitesLeung, E; Underwood, J; Toleman, M; Cater-Steel, A; Roberts, D
2007-01Australian Eclecticism and Theorizing in Information Systems ResearchGregor, S; Bunker, D; Cecez-Kecmanov, D; Metcalf, M; Underwood, J
2006-12-01Sensor registration and calibration using moving targetsKodagoda, KRS; Alempijevic, A; Underwood, J; Kumar, S; Dissanayake, G
2006-12-01Mutual information based sensor registration and calibrationAlempijevic, A; Kodagoda, S; Underwood, J; Kumar, S; Dissanayake, G
2006-01-01Electronic commerce for customers from different language groupsKang, K; Underwood, J; Wong, B
2006-01The State Of IS In Australian Universities - New South Wales ReportUnderwood, J; Jordan, E
2006-01Innovation for the mobile workforce: An active theory modelEr, M; Underwood, J; Hasan, H; Wymark, G; Findlay, J