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2020-12-01Occupational exposure: rural Australian farmers’ sun-protective behavioursWoods, CE; O’Shea, E; Barrett, F; Bookallil, L; East, L; Usher, K
2020-12Military moral injury: A concept analysis.Jamieson, N; Maple, M; Ratnarajah, D; Usher, K
2020-12Pandemic-related behaviours and psychological outcomes; A rapid literature review to explain COVID-19 behaviours.Usher, K; Jackson, D; Durkin, J; Gyamfi, N; Bhullar, N
2020-12Qualitative research interviewing: reflections on power, silence and assumptions.Durkin, J; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2020-11Compassion fatigue in critical care nurses and its impact on nurse-sensitive indicators in Saudi Arabian hospitals.Alharbi, J; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2020-10Health Professionals as Mothers of Adult Children With Schizophrenia.Klages, D; East, L; Usher, K; Jackson, D
2020-10COVID-19 and social restrictions: the potential mental health impact of social distancing and isolation for young Indigenous Australians.Usher, K; Marriott, R; Smallwood, R; Walker, R; Shepherd, C; Hopkins, K; Skeffington, P; Reid, C; Jackson, D
2020-09Modes of Informed Caring: Perspectives of Health Professionals Who Are Mothers of Adult Children with Schizophrenia.Klages, D; East, L; Usher, K; Jackson, D
2020-08-10Post-traumatic growth: Health professionals as mothers of adult children with schizophrenia.Klages, D; East, L; Usher, K; Jackson, D
2020-08Family violence and COVID-19: Increased vulnerability and reduced options for support.Usher, K; Bhullar, N; Durkin, J; Gyamfi, N; Jackson, D
2020-08Life in the pandemic: Social isolation and mental health.Usher, K; Bhullar, N; Jackson, D
2020-06-21Understanding the Impact of Historical Trauma Due to Colonization on the Health and Well-Being of Indigenous Young Peoples: A Systematic Scoping Review.Smallwood, R; Woods, C; Power, T; Usher, K
2020-06The impact of media sensationalism and crisis framing on stigma and negative attitudes towards methamphetamine users.Jones, R; Woods, C; Usher, K
2020-06The COVID-19 pandemic and mental health impacts.Usher, K; Durkin, J; Bhullar, N
2020-04-16Living with diabetes and disadvantage: A qualitative, geographical case study.Power, T; Kelly, R; Usher, K; East, L; Travaglia, J; Robertson, H; Balintongog, A; Jackson, D
2020-04Invisible wounds and suicide: Moral injury and veteran mental health.Jamieson, N; Usher, K; Maple, M; Ratnarajah, D
2020-03-01Personal characteristics, coping strategies, and resilience impact on compassion fatigue in critical care nurses: A cross-sectional studyAlharbi, J; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2020-01-01Outsiders in the Experts’ World: A Grounded Theory Study of Consumers and the Social World of Health CareChamberlain-Salaun, J; Usher, K; Mills, J
2020-01-01Intentional rounding in the context of student learningRyan, L; Jackson, D; Woods, C; East, L; Usher, K
2019-11-26Innovations in research dissemination: research participants sharing stories at a conference.Douglas, L; Jackson, D; Woods, C; Usher, K