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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Mar-2018Internet of tangibles: Exploring the interaction-attention continuumAngelini, L; Mugellini, E; Khaled, OA; Couture, N; Van Den Hoven, E; Bakker, S
28-Nov-2017Exploring in-hospital rehabilitation exercises for stroke patients: Informing interaction designPickrell, M; Van Den Hoven, E; Bongers, B
10-Jun-2017Digital decoupling and disentangling: Towards design for romantic break upHerron, D; Moncur, W; Van Den Hoven, E
10-Jun-2017Designing memory probes to inform dialogueTsai, WC; Orth, D; Van Den Hoven, E
20-Mar-2017Balance, cogito and dott: Exploring media modalities for everyday-life reflectionMols, I; Van Den Hoven, E; Eggen, B
20-Mar-2017Design directions for media-supported collocated remembering practicesBroekhuijsen, M; Van Den Hoven, E; Markopoulos, P
20-Mar-2017Wobble: Shaping unobtrusive reminders for prospective memories in the home contextZekveld, J; Bakker, S; Zijlema, A; Van Den Hoven, E
29-Nov-2016Companions: Objects accruing Value and Memories by being a Part of our LivesZijlema, A; Van Den Hoven, E; Eggen, B
29-Nov-2016A holistic design perspective on media capturing and relivingBroekhuijsen, M; Mols, I; Van Den Hoven, E
29-Nov-2016"I wouldn't choose that key ring; it's not me": A design study of cherished possessions and the selfOrth, D; Van Den Hoven, E
29-Nov-2016Tangible cognition: Bringing together tangible interaction and cognition in HCIVan Gennip, D; Orth, D; Imtiaz, MA; Van Den Hoven, E; Plimmer, B
23-Oct-2016Digital possessions after a romantic break UpHerron, D; Moncur, W; Van Den Hoven, E
23-Oct-2016Informing design for reflection: An overview of current everyday practicesMols, I; Van Den Hoven, E; Eggen, B
23-Oct-2016HCI and sensitive life experiencesHerron, D; Andalibi, N; Haimson, O; Moncur, W; Van Den Hoven, E
5-Sep-2016Storytelling with objects to explore digital archivesBlezinger, D; Van Den Hoven, E
5-Sep-2016The phenomenology of remembered experience: A repertoire for designVan Gennip, D; Van Den Hoven, E; Markopoulos, P
7-May-2016Designing for the other 'hereafter': When older adults remember about forgettingRamos, L; Van Den Hoven, E; Miller, L
1-Apr-2016Ritual Camera: Exploring Domestic Technology to Remember Everyday LifeMols, I; Van Den Hoven, E; Eggen, B
14-Feb-2016Technologies for everyday life reflection: Illustrating a design spaceMols, I; Van Den Hoven, E; Eggen, B
1-Jan-2016Understanding changes in the motivation of stroke patients undergoing rehabilitation in hospitalPickrell, M; Bongers, B; Van Den Hoven, E