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2020-12-01The short-form Orebro Musculoskeletal Pain Questionnaire (OMPQ-10): Associations with determinants of health and demographics in a musculoskeletal pain cohortVaughan, B; Fitzgerald, K; Flesichmann, M; Mulcahy, J
2020-12-01Clinical characteristics of osteopaths treating work-related injuries in Australia: A cross-sectional studyAdams, J; Peng, W; Steel, A; Vaughan, B; Fleischmann, M; Fitzgerald, K; Sibbritt, D
2020-11Twelve tips for developing feedback literacy in health professions learners.Tripodi, N; Feehan, J; Wospil, R; Vaughan, B
2020-10-07Clinical educator self-efficacy, self-evaluation and its relationship with student evaluations of clinical teaching.Vaughan, B
2020-10"Starting from a higher place": linking Habermas to teaching and learning clinical reasoning in the emergency medicine context.Delany, C; Kameniar, B; Lysk, J; Vaughan, B
2020-10Pain knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of Australian osteopaths drawn from a nationally representative sample of the profession.Fitzgerald, K; Vaughan, B; Fleischmann, M; Austin, P
2020-09-01Self-management behaviour and knowledge of patients with musculoskeletal complaints attending an Australian osteopathy clinic: A consecutive sampling designVaughan, B; Grant, M; Moroz, J; Ngawaka, C; Mulcahy, J
2020-09-01A guide to writing a case report of an osteopathic patientVaughan, B; Fleischmann, M
2020-07Ripple effect of a clinical teaching fellow programme in an Australian paediatric hospital.van Heerden, C; Uahwatanasakul, W; Vaughan, B; Delany, C
2020-06-16PROMIS® General Life Satisfaction scale: construct validity in musculoskeletal pain patients.Vaughan, B; Mulcahy, J; Fitzgerald, K
2020-06-01‘We need one more hour solely based on anatomy… Give us anatomy!’: Early-year learner perceptions of anatomy within an integrated & case-based learning osteopathy curriculumJohnston, S; Vaughan, B
2020-06-01Use of manual therapy applied to the viscera: Secondary analysis of a nationally representative sample of Australian osteopathsFleischmann, M; Vaughan, B; Fitzgerald, K; Grace, S
2020-03-11Life satisfaction and musculoskeletal complaints in a population seeking osteopathy care: consecutive sample of 611 patients.Vaughan, B; Mulcahy, J; Allen, T; Coupe, E; Gobbo, D; Nasser, L; Pain, K; Fitzgerald, K
2020-03-01Pre-professional reflective practice: Strategies, perspectives and experiencesMcLeod, GA; Vaughan, B; Carey, I; Shannon, T; Winn, E
2020-03-01The ICD-11 and opportunities for the osteopathy professionFitzgerald, K; Vaughan, B; Fleischmann, M; Orchard, D
2020-02Simulation to educate healthcare providers working within residential age care settings: A scoping review.Keane, JM; Franklin, NF; Vaughan, B
2020-01-21Determinants of health, health behaviours and demographic profile of patients attending an Australian university student-led osteopathy clinic.Vaughan, B; Fitzgerald, K; Fleischmann, M; Mulcahy, J
2020-01-01The prevalence of self-reported psychological characteristics of adults with lower limb tendinopathyMest, J; Vaughan, B; Mulcahy, J; Malliaras, P
2019-04-01Prevalence and profile of Australian osteopaths treating older peopleSteel, A; Vaughan, B; Orrock, P; Peng, W; Fleischmann, M; Grace, S; Engel, RM; Sibbritt, D; Adams, J