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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02-08A critique of serious leisure as theoryVeal, AJ
2019-05-04Joffre Dumazedier and the definition of leisureVeal, AJ
2019-01-10Sport participation, international sports events and the ‘trickle-down effect’Veal, AJ; Toohey, K; Frawley, S
2017-05-04The Serious Leisure Perspective and the Experience of LeisureVeal, AJ
2017-02Volunteering and income inequality: cross-national relationshipsVeal, AJ; Nichols, G
2016-03-03Leisure, income inequality and the Veblen effect: cross-national analysis of leisure time and sport and cultural activityVeal, AJ
2016Planning and policy frameworksVeal, AJ; Walker, GD; Scott, D; Stodolska, M
2015-07-21Research Methods for Arts and Event ManagementVeal, AJ; Burton, C
2015-01-01Human rights, leisure and leisure studiesVeal, AJ
2014-03-20Research Methods in Sport Studies and Sport Management: A Practical GuideVeal, AJ; Darcy, SA
2014-01Bums on Seats: Attendance trends in culture and sportSchlenker, K; Foley, CT; Edwards, DC; Veal, AJ
2013-09-01Open space planning standards in Australia: In search of originsVeal, AJ
2013-01Lifestyle and Leisure TheoryVeal, AJ; Tony Blackshaw
2013-01Managing Sport Participation Legacy at the Olympic GamesFrawley, SM; Toohey, KM; Veal, AJ; Stephen Frawley
2012-11-01FIT for the purpose? Open space planning standards in BritainVeal, AJ
2012-07-01The sport participation legacy of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and other international sporting events hosted in AustraliaVeal, AJ; Toohey, K; Frawley, S
2012-01-01The leisure society II: The era of critique, 1980–2011Veal, AJ
2011-01-01Leisure participation patterns and gender: The survey evidence on Australian adultsVeal, AJ
2011-01-01International Comparisons of Sports participation in European Countries: an Update of the COMPASS ProjectGratton, C; Rowe, N; Veal, AJ
2011-01-01The leisure society i: Myths and misconceptions, 1960–1979Veal, AJ