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2021-10Has Reporting on Physical Therapy Interventions Improved in 2 Decades? An Analysis of 140 Trials Reporting on 225 InterventionsMcCambridge, AB; Nasser, AM; Mehta, P; Stubbs, PW; Verhagen, AP
2021-07-31A cross-sectional study of walking, balance and upper limb assessment scales in people with cervical dystonia.Boyce, MJ; McCambridge, AB; Bradnam, LV; Canning, CG; Mahant, N; Chang, FCF; Fung, VSC; Verhagen, AP
2021-07-01External validation of prognostic models for recovery in patients with neck painWingbermühle, RW; Heymans, MW; van Trijffel, E; Chiarotto, A; Koes, B; Verhagen, AP
2021-06-11Letter to the editor regarding "Does vitamin C supplementation improve rotator cuff healing? A preliminary study".Stubbs, PW; Verhagen, AP; McCambridge, AB
2021-06-01Development and internal validation of prognostic models for recovery in patients with non-specific neck pain presenting in primary careWingbermühle, RW; Chiarotto, A; van Trijffel, E; Koes, B; Verhagen, AP; Heymans, MW
2021-05-01Lack of consensus across clinical guidelines regarding the role of psychosocial factors within low back pain care: a systematic reviewKnoop, J; Rutten, G; Lever, C; Leemeijer, J; de Jong, LJ; Verhagen, AP; van Lankveld, W; Staal, JB
2021-03-31Externally validated model predicting gait independence after stroke showed fair performance and improved after updatingLangerak, AJ; McCambridge, AB; Stubbs, PW; Mortensen, J; Rogers, K; de Oliveira, CQ; Nielsen, JF; Verhagen, AP
2021-01-01Risk factors for overuse injuries in short- and long-distance running: A systematic review.van Poppel, D; van der Worp, M; Slabbekoorn, A; van den Heuvel, SSP; van Middelkoop, M; Koes, BW; Verhagen, AP; Scholten-Peeters, GGM
2021-01Physiotherapy management of neck pain.Verhagen, AP
2021-01Think twice before starting a new trial; what is the impact of recommendations to stop doing new trials?van Ravesteyn, LM; Skinner, IW; Newton-John, T; Ferreira, ML; Verhagen, AP
2021Diagnostic accuracy of patient interview items and clinical tests for cervical radiculopathy.Sleijser-Koehorst, MLS; Coppieters, MW; Epping, R; Rooker, S; Verhagen, AP; Scholten-Peeters, GGM
2021Diagnostic ultrasound in patients with shoulder pain: An inter-examiner agreement and reliability study among Dutch physical therapists.Duijn, EAHD; Pouliart, N; Verhagen, AP; Karel, YHJM; Thoomes-de Graaf, M; Koes, BW; Scholten-Peeters, GGM
2020-10-28Recovery expectations of neck pain patients do not predict treatments outcome in manual therapy.Mutsaers, J-HAM; Pool-Goudzwaard, AL; Peters, R; Koes, BW; Verhagen, AP
2020-10-10Responders to Exercise Therapy in Patients with Osteoarthritis of the Hip: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.Teirlinck, CH; Verhagen, AP; Reijneveld, EAE; Runhaar, J; van Middelkoop, M; van Ravesteyn, LM; Hermsen, L; de Groot, IB; Bierma-Zeinstra, SMA
2020-10Estimating Prevalence of Serious Spinal Pathology in Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department With Low Back Pain: Misrepresentation of Prospective Studies.Stubbs, PW; Verhagen, AP
2020-07Differences in Patient Characteristics, Number of Treatments, and Recovery Rates Between Referred and Self-referred Patients With Nonspecific Neck Pain in Manual Therapy: A Secondary Analysis.Mutsaers, BJ; Janssen, FJF; Koes, BW; Pool-Goudswaard, A; Verhagen, AP
2020-06The Effect of a Personalized Newsletter to Physical Therapists on Patient Recruitment: A Cluster Randomized Trial in Primary Physiotherapy Care.Thoomes-de Graaf, M; Wiersma, RE; Karel, Y; Duijn, E; Spek, B; Rizopoulos, D; Scholten-Peeters, GGM; Verhagen, AP
2020-05Cost-Effectiveness of Radiofrequency Denervation for Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain: The MINT Randomized Clinical Trials.Maas, ET; Juch, JNS; Ostelo, RWJG; Groeneweg, JG; Kallewaard, J-W; Koes, BW; Verhagen, AP; van Dongen, JM; van Tulder, MW; Huygen, FJPM
2020-04Comparing the range of musculoskeletal therapies applied by physical therapists with postgraduate qualifications in manual therapy in patients with non-specific neck pain with international guidelines and recommendations: An observational study.Peters, R; Schmitt, MA; Verhagen, AP; Pool-Goudzwaard, AL; Mutsaers, J-HAM; Koes, BW
2020-01-01Abstract spin in physiotherapy interventions using virtual reality or robotics: protocol for two Meta-research reviewsStubbs, PW; Mehta, P; Bryant, L; Pinto, RZ; Verhagen, AP; McCambridge, AB