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2023-11-01By a long shot: Power, devaluation and discrimination in a toxic cultural workforceCoate, B; Eltham, B; Verhoeven, D
2022-03-01Matters (and metaphors) of life and death: How DNA storage doubles back on its promise to the worldMendell, M; Hogan, M; Verhoeven, D
2022Net Effects: Examining Strategies for Women’s Inclusion and Influence in ASX200 Company BoardsVerhoeven, D; Musial, K; Hambusch, G; Ghannam, S; Shashnov, M
2022Net effects: examining strategies for women’s inclusion and influence in ASX200 company boardsVerhoeven, D; Musial, K; Hambusch, G; Ghannam, S; Shashnov, M
2021-09-01International Feature Film Co-productions Between Australia and Germany: An Australian PerspectiveWagenfeld, F; Verhoeven, D
2021-01-01Sustainable DNA In ConversationHogan, M; Verhoeven, D; Miya, C; Rossier, O; Rockwell, G
2020-06-01“How do we live together without killing each other?” Indigenous and feminist perspectives on relationalityPhillips, S; Verhoeven, D
2020-06-01Time-Layered Cultural Map of AustraliaArthur, P; Champion, E; Craig, H; Gu, N; Harvey, M; Haskins, V; May, A; Pascoe, B; Piper, A; Ryan, L; Smith, R; Verhoeven, D; Reinsone, S; Skadiņa, I; Baklāne, A; Daugavietis, J
2020-01-02A ‘natural experiment’ in Australian cultural policy: Australian Government funding cuts disproportionately affect companies that produce more new work and have larger audiencesEltham, B; Verhoeven, D
2020-01Controlling for openness in the male-dominated collaborative networks of the global film industry.Verhoeven, D; Musial, K; Palmer, S; Taylor, S; Abidi, S; Zemaityte, V; Simpson, L
2019-06-03Re-Distributing Gender in the Global Film Industry: Beyond #MeToo and #MeThreeVerhoeven, D; Coate, B; Zemaityte, V
2019-06-03Complex not Complicated: Gendered Media Industries in the Wake of #MeTooLoist, S; Verhoeven, D
2019-01-01Show me the data!: Uncovering the evidence in screen media industry researchCoate, B; Verhoeven, D
2018-01-02Understanding the dynamics between the United States and Australian film markets: testing the ‘10% rule’Zemaityte, V; Verhoeven, D; Coate, B
2017-05-01The Cinema Cities Index: Comparing urban cinema cultures around the worldCoate, B; Verhoeven, D; Davidson, A
2017-01-01Feature film diversity on Australian cinema screens: Implications for cultural diversity studies using big dataCoate, B; Verhoeven, D; Arrowsmith, C; Zemaityte, V
2016-01-01As luck would have it: serendipity and solace in digital research infrastructureVerhoeven, D
2016Aggregating data for social linking in the humanities and creative arts : the "Humanities Networked Infrastructure (HuNI)"Burrows, T; Verhoeven, D
2004-01Love Patriotism and the City: Hong Kong's New Regime 2003-2004Donald, SJ; Morris, B; Verhoeven, D