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Jan-2011Evaluating software maintenance effort: The COME MatrixChua, B; Verner, J; Kim, PTH; Adeli, PH; Kim, HK; Kang, HJ; Kim, KJ; Kiumi, A; Kang, BH
Jan-2010Examining Requirements Change Rework Effort: A StudyChua, B; Verner, J
Jan-2010Understanding the use of Elicitation Approaches for Effective Requirements GatheringChua, B; Bernardo, DV; Verner, J; Hall, J; Kaindl, H; Lavazza, L; Buchgeher, G; Takaki, O
Jan-2009Designing change request forms for better effort estimates on requirements changesChua, B; Verner, J; Limited, MAKSCP; Madras, C; Mathematics, IPSDO; Science, C; University, C; Bangkok; Xu, TH
Jan-2008Requirement Change Management: Why are current change request forms inadequateChua, B; Verner, J; Meli, R; Dekkers, T; Ferraroti, C
Jan-2008Problem Frames and Business Strategy ModellingBabar, AR; Zowghi, D; Cox, K; Tosic, V; Bleistein, SJ; Verner, J; Rapanotti Lucia
Jan-2008Criteria For Estimating Effort For Requirements ChangesChua, B; Verner, J; Bernardo, DV; Connor, RVO; Baddoo, N; Smolander, K; Messnarz, R
Jan-2006A Framework for Predicting Person-Effort on Requirements ChangesChua, B; Verner, J; Fujita, H; Mejri, M
Jan-2005IT Practitioner's Perspective on Australian Software Development Projects in Risk Management Practices and Tools: A Pilot StudyChua, B; Verner, J; Fujita, H; Mejri, M
Jan-2001A pilot study in effort estimation for the generalization of object-oriented componentsVerner, J; Henderson-Sellers, B; Grant, D; Sterling, L