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2023-03-31Bisphenols in water: Occurrence, effects, and mitigation strategies.Loganathan, P; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, J; Nguyen, TV; Katarzyna Cuprys, A; Ratnaweera, H
2023-03Submerged membrane/adsorption hybrid process in water reclamation and concentrate management-a mini review.Loganathan, P; Kandasamy, J; Ratnaweera, H; Vigneswaran, S
2023-01-27Treatment Trends and Combined Methods in Removing Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products from Wastewater-A Review.Loganathan, P; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, J; Cuprys, AK; Maletskyi, Z; Ratnaweera, H
2023-01-20Removal of Organics with Ion-Exchange Resins (IEX) from Reverse Osmosis Concentrate.Devaisy, S; Kandasamy, J; Aryal, R; Johir, MAH; Ratnaweera, H; Vigneswaran, S
2023-01-09Erratum: Metals Recovery from Seawater Desalination Brines: Technologies, Opportunities, and Challenges (ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering (2021) 9:23 (7704-7712) DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.1c00785)Kumar, A; Naidu, G; Fukuda, H; Du, F; Vigneswaran, S; Drioli, E; Lienhard, JH
2022-12-23Fabrication of r-GO/GO/α-Fe2O3/Fe2TiO5 Nanocomposite Using Natural Ilmenite and Graphite for Efficient Photocatalysis in Visible Light.Usgodaarachchi, L; Jayanetti, M; Thambiliyagodage, C; Liyanaarachchi, H; Vigneswaran, S
2022-12-07Coaxial Electrospun Nanofibrous Membranes for Enhanced Water Recovery by Direct Contact Membrane Distillation.Sangeetha, V; Kaleekkal, NJ; Vigneswaran, S
2022-11-01Comparison of Membrane-Based Treatment Methods for the Removal of Micro-Pollutants from Reclaimed WaterDevaisy, S; Kandasamy, J; Nguyen, TV; Johir, MAH; Ratnaweera, H; Vigneswaran, S
2022-11-01Recovery of water and valuable metals using low pressure nanofiltration and sequential adsorption from acid mine drainageFonseka, C; Ryu, S; Naidu, G; Kandasamy, J; Vigneswaran, S
2022-10-01Arsenic removal by pomelo peel biochar coated with ironNguyen, TH; Loganathan, P; Nguyen, TV; Vigneswaran, S; Ha Nguyen, TH; Tran, HN; Nguyen, QB
2022-08-14Effects of Viscosity on Submerged Membrane Microfiltration Systems.Pradhan, M; Johir, MAH; Kandasamy, J; Ratnaweera, H; Vigneswaran, S
2022-08-09Fabrication of TiO2 Spheres and a Visible Light Active α-Fe2O3/TiO2-Rutile/TiO2-Anatase Heterogeneous Photocatalyst from Natural Ilmenite.Usgodaarachchi, L; Thambiliyagodage, C; Wijesekera, R; Vigneswaran, S; Kandanapitiye, M
2022-07-26Efficient Visible-Light Photocatalysis and Antibacterial Activity of TiO2-Fe3C-Fe-Fe3O4/Graphitic Carbon Composites Fabricated by Catalytic Graphitization of Sucrose Using Natural Ilmenite.Thambiliyagodage, C; Usgodaarachchi, L; Jayanetti, M; Liyanaarachchi, C; Kandanapitiye, M; Vigneswaran, S
2022-06Ozonation/adsorption hybrid treatment system for improved removal of natural organic matter and organic micropollutants from water - A mini review and future perspectives.Loganathan, P; Kandasamy, J; Jamil, S; Ratnaweera, H; Vigneswaran, S
2022-05-03Engineered osmosis - sustainable technology for water recovery, product concentration and energy generationKaleekkal, NJ; Nambikkattu, J; Rasheeda Satheesh, A; Gonzales, RR; Shon, HK; Vigneswaran, S
2022-04-01Arsenic adsorption by low-cost laterite column: Long-term experiments and dynamic column modelingNguyen, TH; Ryu, S; Loganathan, P; Kandasamy, J; Nguyen, TV; Vigneswaran, S
2022-01-01Removing ammonium from contaminated water using Purolite C100E: batch, column, and household filter studies.Truong, DQ; Loganathan, P; Tran, LM; Vu, DL; Nguyen, TV; Vigneswaran, S; Naidu, G
2022-01-01Metal-organic frameworks for recovery of valuable elementsFonseka, C; Ryu, S; Naidu, G; Kandasamy, J; Ratnaweera, H; Vigneswaran, S
2022-01On-site domestic wastewater treatment system using shredded waste plastic bottles as biofilter media: Pilot-scale study on effluent standards in Bhutan.Dorji, U; Dorji, P; Shon, H; Badeti, U; Dorji, C; Wangmo, C; Tijing, L; Kandasamy, J; Vigneswaran, S; Chanan, A; Phuntsho, S
2022Biofouling in Industrial Water Systems, Membrane Biofouling: Assessment and Reduction StrategiesJeong, S; Pathak, N; Naidu, G; Vigneswaran, S