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2023-11-09Systematic Review of the Relative Social Value of Child and Adult Health.Peasgood, T; Howell, M; Raghunandan, R; Salisbury, A; Sellars, M; Chen, G; Coast, J; Craig, JC; Devlin, NJ; Howard, K; Lancsar, E; Petrou, S; Ratcliffe, J; Viney, R; Wong, G; Norman, R; Donaldson, C; Quality Of Life in Kids: Key evidence to strengthen decisions in Australia (QUOKKA), Tools for Outcomes Research to measure, value Child Health (TORCH) project teams,
2023-11Face Validity of Four Preference-Weighted Quality-of-Life Measures in Residential Aged Care: A Think-Aloud Study.Engel, L; Kosowicz, L; Bogatyreva, E; Batchelor, F; Devlin, N; Dow, B; Gilbert, AS; Mulhern, B; Peasgood, T; Viney, R
2023-11Understanding the measurement relationship between EQ-5D-5L, PROMIS-29 and PROPr.Mulhern, BJ; Pan, T; Norman, R; Tran-Duy, A; Hanmer, J; Viney, R; Devlin, NJ
2023-08-02Understanding the valuation of paediatric health-related quality of life: a qualitative study protocol.Yu, A; Luo, Y; Bahrampour, M; Norman, R; Street, D; Viney, R; Devlin, N; Mulhern, BJ; Quality Of Life in Kids: Key evidence to strengthen decisions in Australia (QUOKKA) project team,
2023-08Towards Optimizing Hospitalized Older adults' MEdications (TO HOME): Multi-centre study of medication use and outcomes in routine care.Hilmer, SN; Lo, S; Kelly, PJ; Viney, R; Blyth, FM; Le Couteur, DG; McLachlan, AJ; Arora, S; Hossain, L; Gnjidic, D
2023-07-20Feasibility of self-reported health related quality of life assessment with older people in residential care: insights from the application of eye tracking technology.Milte, R; Crocker, M; Lay, K; Ratcliffe, J; Mulhern, B; Norman, R; Viney, R; Khadka, J
2023-07Preterm Birth and Total Health Care Use and Costs in the First 5 Years of Life: A Population-based Study.Yu, S; Lui, K; Fiebig, DG; Travadi, J; Homer, CSE; Sinclair, L; Scarf, V; Viney, R
2023-05-22Effect of core versus enhanced implementation strategies on adherence to a clinical pathway for managing anxiety and depression in cancer patients in routine care: a cluster randomised controlled trial.Butow, P; Faris, MM; Shaw, J; Kelly, P; He, S; Harris, M; Cuddy, J; Masya, L; Geerligs, L; Kelly, B; Girgis, A; Rankin, N; Beale, P; Hack, TF; Kirsten, L; Dhillon, H; Grimison, P; Viney, R; Clayton, JM; Schlub, T; ADAPT Program Group,; Shepherd, HL
2023-05-02Expanding health technology assessment towards broader value: Ireland as a case study.Kinchin, I; Walshe, V; Normand, C; Coast, J; Elliott, R; Kroll, T; Kinghorn, P; Thompson, A; Viney, R; Currow, D; O'Mahony, JF
2023-05Assessing Outcomes for Cost-Utility Analysis in Children and Adolescents With Mental Health Problems: Are Multiattribute Utility Instruments Fit for Purpose?Mihalopoulos, C; Chen, G; Scott, JG; Bucholc, J; Allen, C; Coghill, D; Jenkins, P; Norman, R; Ratcliffe, J; Richardson, J; Stathis, S; Viney, R
2023-04The Use of a Discrete Choice Experiment Including Both Duration and Dead for the Development of an EQ-5D-5L Value Set for Australia.Norman, R; Mulhern, B; Lancsar, E; Lorgelly, P; Ratcliffe, J; Street, D; Viney, R
2022-12-23EE545 Mapping Between Health and Broader Quality of Life Instruments: A Scoping ReviewAkanksha, A; Viney, R; Mulhern, B; Street, D
2022-12-01MSR68 Development of a Checklist for Studies Reporting the Elicitation of Stated Preferences Values for Child Health Related Quality of LifeBailey, C; Howell, M; Raghunandan, R; Dalziel, K; Howard, K; Mulhern, B; Petrou, S; Rowen, D; Salisbury, A; Viney, R; Lancsar, E; Devlin, N
2022-12EQ-5D-Y-3L Value Sets, Valuation Methods and Conceptual Questions.Devlin, N; Roudijk, B; Viney, R; Stolk, E
2022-11-21Responses to direct-to-consumer advertising in Australia: Comparing experienceGoodall, S; Viney, R; Street, D; Waller, D; Zhao, FL
2022-11Cost-effectiveness of a community-based integrated care model compared with usual care for older adults with complex needs: a stepped-wedge cluster-randomised trialKinchin, I; Kelley, S; Meshcheriakova, E; Viney, R; Mann, J; Thompson, F; Strivens, E
2022-09-08Estimating the willingness-to-pay to avoid the consequences of foodborne illnesses: a discrete choice experiment.Manipis, K; Mulhern, B; Haywood, P; Viney, R; Goodall, S
2022-09-01Evaluation of the Victorian Healthy Homes Program – Final ReportPage, K; Hossain, L; Wilmot, K; Kim, Y; Liu, D; Kenny, P; Van Gool, K; Viney, R
2022-07Preference Elicitation Techniques Used in Valuing Children's Health-Related Quality-of-Life: A Systematic Review.Bailey, C; Howell, M; Raghunandan, R; Salisbury, A; Chen, G; Coast, J; Craig, JC; Devlin, NJ; Huynh, E; Lancsar, E; Mulhern, BJ; Norman, R; Petrou, S; Ratcliffe, J; Street, DJ; Howard, K; Viney, R; Quality of Life in Kids: Key Evidence to Strengthen Decisions in Australia (QUOKKA), Tools for Outcomes Research to Measure, Value Child Health (TORCH) Project Teams,
2022-07EE14 A Systematic Review of Preference Elicitation Techniques Used in Valuing Children's Health-Related Quality-of-LifeBailey, C; Howell, M; Raghunandan, R; Salisbury, A; Devlin, N; Howard, K; Viney, R