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2020-12Birth models of care and intervention rates: The impact of birth centres.Yu S; Fiebig DG; Scarf V; Viney R; Dahlen HG; Homer C
2020-12The SF-6Dv2: How Does the New Classification System Impact the Distribution of Responses Compared with the Original SF-6D?Whitehurst DGT; Brazier JE; Viney R; Mulhern BJ
2020-11-17What Matters 2 Adults: a study protocol to develop a new preference-based wellbeing measure with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults (WM2Adults).Howard K; Anderson K; Cunningham J; Cass A; Ratcliffe J; Whop LJ; Dickson M; Viney R; Mulhern B; Tong A; Garvey G
2020Health-related quality of life among primary caregivers of children with intellectual disabilityArora S; Goodall S; Viney R; Einfeld S
2020Financial toxicity of childhood cancer and changes to parents’ employment after treatment completionKelada L; Wakefield CE; Vetsch J; Schofield D; Sansom-Daly UM; Hetherington K; O’Brien T; Cohn RJ; Anazodo A; Viney R; Zeppel MJB
2020How Are Debriefing Questions Used in Health Discrete Choice Experiments? An Online SurveyPearce A; Mulhern B; Watson V; Viney R
2020Societal cost of childhood intellectual disability in AustraliaArora S; Goodall S; Viney R; Einfled S
2020Attachment and child behaviour and emotional problems in autism spectrum disorder with intellectual disabilityTeague SJ; Newman LK; Tonge BJ; Gray KM; Aery A; Andersson E; Arciuli J; Arora S; Bezzina L; Blackmore R; Borland R; Caruana J; Cawood D; Clarke K; Day J; Dossetor D; Einfeld S; Emerson E; Evans H; Fernandez A; Goodall S; Gray KM; Haas K; Henderson K; Henry T; Hinton S; Hoath F; Hodges J; Horstead S; Howlin P; Hu N; Keating C; Kelly E; Knott R; Kotselas P; Louie E; McAuliffe Z; O’Hagan G; Panahi B; Phillis K; Rice L; Rose O; Rotolone C; Salvador-Carulla L; Sanders M; Schoch M; Shortt F; Silove N; Sofronoff K; Stace L; Taffe J; Thompson DM; Tonge BJ; Viney R; Wallman E
-French Value-Set of the QLU-C10D, a Cancer-Specific Utility Measure Derived from the QLQ-C30Nerich V; Gamper EM; Norman R; King M; Holzner B; Viney R; Kemmler G