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2021-08-04Cultural Heritage as 'Common Concern': Role of International Organization and StatesVrdoljak, AF
2021-04Intentional Destruction of Cultural Heritage and ReparationsVrdoljak, AF
2020-11Pandemics and the role of cultureVrdoljak, AF; Bauer, AA
2020-01-01IntroductionVrdoljak, AF; Francioni, F
2018-09-30Indigenous peoples, human rights and world heritageVrdoljak, AF
2018-08-01Indigenous peoples,world heritage,and human rightsVrdoljak, AF
2018-01-01Indigenous peoples, intangible cultural heritage and participation in the United NationsVrdoljak, AF; Antons, C; Logan, W
2017-07-31The criminalisation of the Illicit trade in cultural propertyVrdoljak, AF
2017-06-12The Criminalisation of the Intentional Destruction of Cultural HeritageVrdoljak, AF; Orlando, M; Bergen, T
2016-01-01Standing and collective cultural rightsVrdoljak, AF
2015-02-11International exchange and trade in cultural objectsVrdoljak, AF
2014-01Human Rights and Cultural Heritage in International LawVrdoljak, A; Lenzerini, F; Vrdoljak, AF
2012-03-22Reparations for Cultural LossVrdoljak, AF
2012-01-01Human rights and illicit trade in cultural objectsVrdoljak, AF
2011-05-01Women and Private Military and Security CompaniesVrdoljak, AF
2011-04-20Genocide and restitution: Ensuring each group's contribution to humanityVrdoljak, AF
2011-01-13Cultural Heritage in Human Rights and Humanitarian LawVrdoljak, AF
2009-12-01Human rights and genocide: The work of Lauterpacht and Lemkin in modern international lawVrdoljak, AF
2009-11-27Unravelling the cradle of civilization 'layer by layer': Iraq, its peoples and cultural heritageVrdoljak, AF
2008-01-01Self-determination and cultural rightsVrdoljak, AF