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2022-03Itaconate and itaconate derivatives target JAK1 to suppress alternative activation of macrophagesRuntsch, MC; Angiari, S; Hooftman, A; Wadhwa, R; Zhang, Y; Zheng, Y; Spina, JS; Ruzek, MC; Argiriadi, MA; McGettrick, AF; Mendez, RS; Zotta, A; Peace, CG; Walsh, A; Chirillo, R; Hams, E; Fallon, PG; Jayamaran, R; Dua, K; Brown, AC; Kim, RY; Horvat, JC; Hansbro, PM; Wang, C; O’Neill, LAJ
2022-02-17Aim2 suppresses cigarette smoke-induced neutrophil recruitment, neutrophil caspase-1 activation and anti-Ly6G-mediated neutrophil depletion.Donovan, C; Kim, RY; Galvao, I; Jarnicki, AG; Brown, AC; Jones-Freeman, B; Gomez, HM; Wadhwa, R; Hortle, E; Jayaraman, R; Khan, H; Pickles, S; Sahu, P; Chimankar, V; Tu, X; Khadem Ali, M; Mayall, JR; Nguyen, DH; Budden, KF; Kumar, V; Schroder, K; Robertson, AA; Cooper, MA; Wark, PA; Oliver, BG; Horvat, JC; Hansbro, PM
2021-10-14Epigenetic Therapy as a Potential Approach for Targeting Oxidative Stress–Induced Non-Small-Cell Lung CancerWadhwa, R; Paudel, KR; Shukla, S; Shastri, M; Gupta, G; Devkota, HP; Chellappan, DK; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K
2021-03Rutin loaded liquid crystalline nanoparticles inhibit non-small cell lung cancer proliferation and migration in vitroPaudel, KR; Wadhwa, R; Tew, XN; Lau, NJX; Madheswaran, T; Panneerselvam, J; Zeeshan, F; Kumar, P; Gupta, G; Anand, K; Singh, SK; Jha, NK; MacLoughlin, R; Hansbro, NG; Liu, G; Shukla, SD; Mehta, M; Hansbro, PM; Chellappan, DK; Dua, K
2020-11-29Anti-inflammatory and anticancer activities of Naringenin-loaded liquid crystalline nanoparticles in vitro.Wadhwa, R; Paudel, KR; Chin, LH; Hon, CM; Madheswaran, T; Gupta, G; Panneerselvam, J; Lakshmi, T; Singh, SK; Gulati, M; Dureja, H; Hsu, A; Mehta, M; Anand, K; Devkota, HP; Chellian, J; Chellappan, DK; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K
2020-11-16Advancing of Cellular Signaling Pathways in Respiratory Diseases Using Nanocarrier based Drug Delivery Systems.Mehta, M; Dhanjal, DS; Satija, S; Wadhwa, R; Paudel, KR; Chellappan, DK; Mohammad, S; Haghi, M; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K
2020-08-24Targeting Chronic Inflammatory Lung Diseases Using Advanced Drug Delivery SystemsDua, K; Hansbro, PM; Wadhwa, R; Haghi, M; Pont, LG; Williams, KA
2020-08-17Plant-based drug delivery systems in respiratory diseasesMehta, M; Sharma, P; Kaur, S; Dhanjal, DS; Singh, B; Vyas, M; Gupta, G; Chellappan, DK; Nammi, S; Singh, TG; Dua, K; Satija, S; Dua, K; Hansbro, P; Wadhwa, R; Haghi, M; Pont, L; Williams, K
2020-08-17Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the advanced drug delivery systemsZeeshan, F; Dua, K; Dua, K; Hansbro, P; Wadhwa, R; Haghi, M; Pont, L; Williams, K
2020-08-07Rutin loaded liquid crystalline nanoparticles inhibit lipopolysaccharide induced oxidative stress and apoptosis in bronchial epithelial cells in vitro.Paudel, KR; Wadhwa, R; Mehta, M; Chellappan, DK; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K
2020-06-16Oxidative Stress and Immunological Complexities in Multidrug-Resistant TuberculosisWadhwa, R; Sehgal, N; G, N; Aggarwal, T; Satija, S; Mehta, M; Gupta, G; Chellappan, DK; Tambuwala, MM; Oliver, B; Collet, T; Maurya, PK; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K
2020-05-23Pulmonary Bioadhesive Drug Delivery Systems and Their ApplicationsWadhwa, R; Bharathala, S; Aggarwal, T; Sehgal, N; Kumar, N; Gupta, G; Chellappan, DK; Maurya, PK; Pinto, TDJA; Collet, T; Dureja, H; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K
2020-05Emerging trends in nanomedicine for topical delivery in skin disorders: Current and translational approaches.Pandey, P; Satija, S; Wadhwa, R; Mehta, M; Purohit, D; Gupta, G; Prasher, P; Chellappan, DK; Awasthi, R; Dureja, H; Dua, K
2020-04-28MicroRNAs as Biomarker for Breast Cancer.Aggarwal, T; Wadhwa, R; Gupta, R; Paudel, KR; Collet, T; Chellapan, DK; Gupta, G; Perumalsamy, H; Mehta, M; Satija, S; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K; Maurya, PK
2020-04Molecular mechanisms of action of naringenin in chronic airway diseasesChin, LH; Hon, CM; Chellappan, DK; Chellian, J; Madheswaran, T; Zeeshan, F; Awasthi, R; Aljabali, AAA; Tambuwala, MM; Dureja, H; Negi, P; Kapoor, DN; Goyal, R; Paudel, KR; Satija, S; Gupta, G; Hsu, A; Wark, P; Mehta, M; Wadhwa, R; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K
2020-03-16Recent advances in experimental animal models of lung cancer.Malyla, V; Paudel, KR; Shukla, SD; Donovan, C; Wadhwa, R; Pickles, S; Chimankar, V; Sahu, P; Bielefeldt-Ohmann, H; Bebawy, M; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K
2020-02-01Immunological axis of berberine in managing inflammation underlying chronic respiratory inflammatory diseasesTew, XN; Xin Lau, NJ; Chellappan, DK; Madheswaran, T; Zeeshan, F; Tambuwala, MM; Aljabali, AA; Balusamy, SR; Perumalsamy, H; Gupta, G; Oliver, BG; Hsu, A; Wark, P; Reddy, K; Wadhwa, R; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K
2020-01-31Emerging Nanotechnology in Chronic Respiratory DiseasesPandey, P; Mehta, M; Shukla Shakti; Wadhwa, R; Singhvi, G; Chellappan, DK; Satija, S; Gupta, G; Awasthi, R; Prasher, P; Hansbro, P; Dua, K; Dureja, H; Talegaonkar, S; Rai, M
2020-01-18Obesity and Diabetes: Pathophysiology of Obesity-Induced Hyperglycemia and Insulin ResistanceGupta, G; Wadhwa, R; Pandey, P; Singh, SK; Gulati, M; Satija, S; Mehta, M; Singh, AK; Dureja, H; Collet, T; Pabreja, K; Chellappan, DK; Dua, K
2020-01-01Targeting neutrophils using novel drug delivery systems in chronic respiratory diseasesChellappan, DK; Yee, LW; Xuan, KY; Kunalan, K; Rou, LC; Jean, LS; Ying, LY; Wie, LX; Chellian, J; Mehta, M; Satija, S; Singh, SK; Gulati, M; Dureja, H; Da Silva, MW; Tambuwala, MM; Gupta, G; Paudel, KR; Wadhwa, R; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K