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13-Dec-2017Upper Body Pose Estimation Utilizing Kinematic Constraints from Physical Human-Robot InteractionKhonasty, R; Carmichael, MG; Liu, D; Waldron, K; Kodagoda, S
15-Jul-2016A Topology Optimisation Based Design of a Compliant Gripper for Grasping Objects with Irregular ShapesBykerk, L; Liu, D; Waldron, K
1-Jan-2016Angled sensor configuration capable of measuring tri-axial forces for pHRIReeks, C; Carmichael, M; Liu, D; Waldron, K
12-Nov-2014Climbing Robot for Steel Bridge Inspection: Design ChallengesWard, PK; Manamperi, P; Brooks, P; Mann, P; Kaluarachchi, W; Matkovic, L; Paul, G; Yang, C; Quin, P; Pagano, D; Liu, D; Waldron, K; Dissanayake, G
1-Jul-2013Optimal Design of a Magnetic Adhesion System for Climbing RobotsWaldron, K; Ward, P; Liu, DK; Waldron, KJ; Waldron, KJ; Tokhi, MO
1-May-2013My Professional Career: a SummaryWaldron, K; Kumar, V; Sreenivasan, SV; Schmiedeler, J
Jan-2012A Stance Period Approach For Simplified Observation Of Galloping As Applied To CaninesSingh, SP; Waldron, K
Jan-2012A Method for Optimal Design of an Inchworm Climbing RobotPagano, D; Liu, D; Waldron, K; Zhang, H; Hu, H
Jan-2012Study of Ant Locomotion in Surface Transitions for Climbing Robot DesignLozano, A; Peters, G; Liu, D; Waldron, K; Bidaud, PEA
1-Jul-2011Modeling of Quadrupedal Running GaitsWaldron, K; Bidaud, P; Tokhi, MO
Jan-2011Design for Innovation and Design for Performance Two Case Studies on Project-Based-DesignMadadnia, J; Waldron, K; Waldron, M; Koosha, H; Batra, R; Qian, L; He, Y; Li, X; Zhou, K; Dresig, H; Morita, Y; Chuah, K
Jan-2010Passively stable hopping of an articulated leg with a tendon-coupled ankleCsonka, PJ; Perkins, A; Waldron, K; NA
Jan-2010Configuration design of a robotic vehicle for rough terrain mobilityWaldron, K; Tran, TH; Madadnia, J
Jan-2010A prototype climbing robot for inspection of complex ferrous structuresPeters, G; Pagano, D; Liu, D; Waldron, K; Tokhi, MO; al, E
Jan-2010Investigation of Reducing Fatigue and Musculoskeletal Disorder with Passive ActuatorsCarmichael, MG; Liu, D; Waldron, K; Luo, RC; Asama, H
2010Characterization of an electric-pneumatic hybrid prismatic actuatorCsonka, P; Waldron, K
Jan-2008Thrust Control, Stabilization and Energetics of a Quadruped Running RobotEstremera, J; Waldron, K
Jan-2008A subgoal-guided force field method for robot navigationWang, D; Liu, D; Kwok, N; Waldron, K; NA
Jan-2007An Optimal Traction Control Scheme for Off-Road Operation of Robotic VehiclesWaldron, K; Abdallah, ME
Jan-2006On the Driving Circuits of Electro-Sensitive ElastomersVertechy, R; Castelli, VP; Waldron, K; NA