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1-Jan-2019Family-led rehabilitation in India (ATTEND)—Findings from the process evaluation of a randomized controlled trialLiu, H; Lindley, R; Alim, M; Felix, C; Gandhi, DBC; Verma, SJ; Tugnawat, DK; Syrigapu, A; Ramamurthy, RK; Pandian, JD; Walker, M; Forster, A; Hackett, ML; Anderson, CS; Langhorne, P; Murthy, GVS; Maulik, PK; Harvey, LA; Jan, S
1-Sep-2016Young Workers and Trade Unions: A Global ViewWalker, M
2014The re-emergence of asymmetric labour relations: two campaigns that have abandoned traditional labour tactics in favour of community organisingWalker, M
1-Jan-2013VAST: An ASKAP survey for variables and slow transientsMurphy, T; Chatterjee, S; Kaplan, DL; Banyer, J; Bell, ME; Bignall, HE; Bower, GC; Cameron, RA; Coward, DM; Cordes, JM; Croft, S; Curran, JR; Djorgovski, SG; Farrell, SA; Frail, DA; Gaensler, BM; Galloway, DK; Gendre, B; Green, AJ; Hancock, PJ; Johnston, S; Kamble, A; Law, CJ; Lazio, TJW; Lo, KK; MacQuart, JP; Rea, N; Rebbapragada, U; Reynolds, C; Ryder, SD; Schmidt, B; Soria, R; Stairs, IH; Tingay, SJ; Torkelsson, U; Wagstaff, K; Walker, M; Wayth, RB; Williams, PKG
1-Mar-2012Behavior in second-price auctions by highly experienced eBay buyers and sellersGarratt, RJ; Walker, M; Wooders, J
1-Mar-2011Equilibrium play in matches: Binary Markov gamesWalker, M; Wooders, J; Amir, R
Jan-2010Writing in, writing outAitchison, C; Lee, A; Walker, M; Thomson, P
Jan-2009QFD: Solving the Fuzzy Front End of StrategyKillen, CP; Walker, M; Hunt, R; Enriquez, FT
2008Mixed Strategy EquilibriumWooders, J; Walker, M; Durlauf, S; Blume, L
Jan-2005Strategic Planning Using QFDKillen, CP; Walker, M; Hunt, R
1-Jan-2001Minimax play at WimbledonWalker, M; Wooders, J