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2020-02-01Using a low-cost bluetooth torque sensor for vehicle jerk and transient torque measurementTawadros, P; Awadallah, M; Walker, P; Zhang, N
2019-10-01Design of the frequency tuning scheme for a semi-active vibration absorberGao, P; Xiang, C; Liu, H; Walker, P; Zhang, N
2019-09-01An Experimental Investigation into the Wave Power Extraction of a Small-Scale Fixed Multi-Chamber OWC DeviceShalby, M; Dorrell, DG; Walker, P; Elhanafi, A
2019-07-01CFD modelling of a small–scale fixed multi–chamber OWC deviceShalby, M; Elhanafi, A; Walker, P; Dorrell, DG
2019-05-01Energy management and shifting stability control for a novel dual input clutchless transmission systemWu, H; Walker, P; Wu, J; Liang, J; Ruan, J; Zhang, N
2019-02-01Multi–chamber oscillating water column wave energy converters and air turbines: A reviewShalby, M; Dorrell, DG; Walker, P
2019-01-01Accelerated adaptive second order super-twisting sliding mode observerLin, C; Sun, S; Walker, P; Zhang, N
2019-01-01Simulation of racing greyhound kinematicsHossain, MI; Eager, D; Walker, P
2019-01-01Accelerated adaptive super twisting sliding mode observer-based drive shaft torque estimation for electric vehicle with automated manual transmissionLin, C; Sun, S; Yi, J; Walker, P; Zhang, N
2019-01-01The effects of surface compliance on greyhound galloping dynamicsHayati, H; Eager, D; Walker, P
2019A SLIP Model to predict the dynamics of rapid tetrapod locomotion during hind-leg single supportHayati, H; Eager, D; Walker, P
2019An impact attenuation surfacing test to analyse the dynamic behaviour of greyhound racetrack sand surfaceHayati, H; Eager, D; Walker, P
2018-11-27Robust Digital Current Control Based on Adaptive Disturbance Estimation for PMSM Drives with Low Pulse RatioYang, H; Zhang, Y; Liang, J; Zhang, N; Walker, P
2018-11-01Comparative fuel economy, cost and emissions analysis of a novel mild hybrid and conventional vehiclesAwadallah, M; Tawadros, P; Walker, P; Zhang, N
2018-09-01Modelling and control of a novel two-speed transmission for electric vehiclesTian, Y; Ruan, J; Zhang, N; Wu, J; Walker, P
2018-08-10Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for the Design and Testing of Motor in Advanced Powertrain ApplicationsAwadallah, M; Tawadros, P; Walker, P; Zhang, N
2018-01-01Validation of a numerical model for a small scale fixed multi-chamber OWC deviceShalby, M; Walker, P; Dorrell, DG; Elhanafi, A
2018-01-01A simple spring-loaded inverted pendulum (SLIP) model of a bio-inspired quadrupedal robot over compliant terrainsHayati, H; Walker, P; Brown, T; Kennedy, P; Eager, D
2018-01-01A comparative study of rapid quadrupedal sprinting and turning dynamics on different terrains and conditions: Racing greyhounds galloping dynamicsHayati, H; Walker, P; Mahdavi, F; Stephenson, R; Brown, T; Eager, D
2018-01-01Multi-objective component sizing for a battery-supercapacitor power supply considering the use of a power converterSun, L; Walker, P; Feng, K; Zhang, N