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2019-10-01Performing Expertise: The Design of Audiovisual Links and the Construction of the Remote Expert Witness in CourtRowden, E; Wallace, A
2018-12-01Remote judging: The impact of video links on the image and the role of the judgeRowden, E; Wallace, A
2013-01Reconceptualizing Security Strategies For Courts: Developing A Typology For Safer Court EnvironmentsWallace, A; Blackman, D; Rowden, EL
2013-01Gateways to Justice: design and operational guidelines for remote participation in court proceedingsRowden, EL; Wallace, A; Tait, D; Hanson, M; Jones, D
2011-01-01A Twenty-First Century Assessment of Values Across the Global WorkforceRalston, DA; Egri, CP; Reynaud, E; Srinivasan, N; Furrer, O; Brock, D; Alas, R; Wangenheim, F; Darder, FL; Kuo, C; Potocan, V; Mockaitis, AI; Szabo, E; Gutiérrez, JR; Pekerti, A; Butt, A; Palmer, I; Naoumova, I; Lenartowicz, T; Starkus, A; Hung, VT; Dalgic, T; Molteni, M; de la Garza Carranza, MT; Maignan, I; Castro, FB; Moon, YL; Terpstra-Tong, J; Dabic, M; Li, Y; Danis, W; Kangasniemi, M; Ansari, M; Riddle, L; Milton, L; Hallinger, P; Elenkov, D; Girson, I; Gelbuda, M; Ramburuth, P; Casado, T; Rossi, AM; Richards, M; van Deusen, C; Fu, PP; Wan, PMK; Tang, M; Lee, CH; Chia, HB; Fan, Y; Wallace, A
2010-01Sentencing by videolink: Up in the air?Rowden, EL; Wallace, A; Goodman-Delahunty, J
2009-12-01Gateways to justice: The use of videoconferencing technology to take evidence in australian courtsWallace, A; Rowden, E
2008-01The relation between private equity takeovers and takeover premiumsWright, AP; Matolcsy, ZP; Wallace, A; Hartmann, FGH