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2021-10Emotion as a source of moral understanding in conservation.Batavia, C; Nelson, MP; Bruskotter, JT; Jones, MS; Yanco, E; Ramp, D; Bekoff, M; Wallach, AD
2021-08-27Feral equids' varied effects on ecosystems-Response.Lundgren, EJ; Ramp, D; Wu, J; Sluk, M; Moeller, KT; Stromberg, JC; Wallach, AD
2021-06-17Red foxes avoid apex predation without increasing fearWooster, EIF; Ramp, D; Lundgren, EJ; O’Neill, AJ; Wallach, AD
2021-04-30Equids engineer desert water availabilityLundgren, EJ; Ramp, D; Stromberg, JC; Wu, J; Nieto, NC; Sluk, M; Moeller, KT; Wallach, AD
2021-02-01Challenges at the intersection of conservation and ethics: Reply to Meyer et al. 2021.Nelson, MP; Batavia, C; Brandis, KJ; Carroll, SP; Celermajer, D; Linklater, W; Lundgren, E; Ramp, D; Steer, J; Yanco, E; Wallach, AD
2021-01-20Functional traits of the world’s late Quaternary large-bodied avian and mammalian herbivoresLundgren, EJ; Schowanek, SD; Rowan, J; Middleton, O; Pedersen, RØ; Wallach, AD; Ramp, D; Davis, M; Sandom, CJ; Svenning, J-C
2019-11-01The wily and courageous red fox: Behavioural analysis of a mesopredator at resource points shared by an apex predatorWooster, E; Wallach, AD; Ramp, D
2019-10-25Trophy hunting: Values inform policyBatavia, C; Bruskotter, JT; Darimont, CT; Nelson, MP; Wallach, AD
2019-01-01The elephant (head) in the room: A critical look at trophy huntingBatavia, C; Nelson, MP; Darimont, CT; Paquet, PC; Ripple, WJ; Wallach, AD
2019-01-01Are we eating the world's megafauna to extinction?Ripple, WJ; Wolf, C; Newsome, TM; Betts, MG; Ceballos, G; Courchamp, F; Hayward, MW; Van Valkenburgh, B; Wallach, AD; Worm, B
2019-01-01Taxonomic status of the Australian dingo: The case for Canis dingo Meyer, 1793Smith, BP; Cairns, KM; Adams, JW; Newsome, TM; Fillios, M; Déaux, EC; Parr, WCH; Letnic, M; van Eeden, LM; Appleby, RG; Bradshaw, CJA; Savolainen, P; Ritchie, EG; Nimmo, DG; Archer-Lean, C; Greenville, AC; Dickman, CR; Watson, L; Moseby, KE; Doherty, TS; Wallach, AD; Morrant, DS; Crowther, MS
2019-01-01When all life counts in conservationWallach, AD; Lundgren, E; Batavia, C; Nelson, MP; Yanco, E; Linklater, WL; Carroll, SP; Celermajer, D; Brandis, KJ; Steer, J; Ramp, D
2018-12-01Summoning compassion to address the challenges of conservationWallach, AD; Bekoff, M; Batavia, C; Nelson, MP; Ramp, D
2018-08-01Invisible megafaunaWallach, AD; Lundgren, EJ; Ripple, WJ; Ramp, D
2018-06-01Introduced megafauna are rewilding the AnthropoceneLundgren, EJ; Ramp, D; Ripple, WJ; Wallach, AD
2017-01-01Conserving the world's megafauna and biodiversity: The fierce urgency of nowRipple, WJ; Chapron, G; López-Bao, JV; Durant, SM; MacDonald, DW; Lindsey, PA; Bennett, EL; Beschta, RL; Bruskotter, JT; Campos-Arceiz, A; Corlett, RT; Darimont, CT; Dickman, AJ; Dirzo, R; Dublin, HT; Estes, JA; Everatt, KT; Galetti, M; Goswami, VR; Hayward, MW; Hedges, S; Hoffmann, M; Hunter, LTB; Kerley, GIH; Letnic, M; Levi, T; Maisels, F; Morrison, JC; Nelson, MP; Newsome, TM; Painter, L; Pringle, RM; Sandom, CJ; Terborgh, J; Treves, A; Van Valkenburgh, B; Vucetich, JA; Wirsing, AJ; Wallach, AD; Wolf, C; Woodroffe, R; Young, H; Zhang, L
2017-01-01Cattle mortality on a predator-friendly station in central AustraliaWallach, AD; Ramp, D; O'Neill, AJ
2017-01-01Trophic cascades in 3D: network analysis reveals how apex predators structure ecosystemsWallach, AD; Dekker, AH; Lurgi, M; Montoya, JM; Fordham, DA; Ritchie, EG
2017-01-01Is the prickly pear a ‘Tzabar’? Diversity and conservation of Israel’s migrant speciesWallach, AD; Lundgren, E; Yanco, E; Ramp, D
2016-11-01The virtuous circle: predator-friendly farming and ecological restoration in AustraliaJohnson, CN; Wallach, AD