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2022-12-03COVID-19 prophylaxis with immunoglobulin Y (IgY) for the world population: The critical role that governments and non-governmental organizations can play.Frumkin, LR; Lucas, M; Wallach, M; Scribner, CL; St John, T; Mochly-Rosen, D
2022Egg-Derived Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Immunoglobulin Y (IgY) With Broad Variant Activity as Intranasal Prophylaxis Against COVID-19.Frumkin, LR; Lucas, M; Scribner, CL; Ortega-Heinly, N; Rogers, J; Yin, G; Hallam, TJ; Yam, A; Bedard, K; Begley, R; Cohen, CA; Badger, CV; Abbasi, SA; Dye, JM; McMillan, B; Wallach, M; Bricker, TL; Joshi, A; Boon, ACM; Pokhrel, S; Kraemer, BR; Lee, L; Kargotich, S; Agochiya, M; John, TS; Mochly-Rosen, D
2021-07-01Comparative study of His- and Non-His-tagged CLIC proteins, reveals changes in their enzymatic activityTurkewitz, DR; Moghaddasi, S; Alghalayini, A; D'Amario, C; Ali, HM; Wallach, M; Valenzuela, SM
2019-01-30Challenges with Point-Of-Care Tests (POCT) for Celiac DiseaseWu, H; Wallach, M; Shimoni, O
2018-12-21Novel screening test for celiac disease using peptide functionalised gold nanoparticlesKaur, A; Shimoni, O; Wallach, M
2017-09-01Celiac disease: from etiological factors to evolving diagnostic approachesKaur, A; Shimoni, O; Wallach, M
2016-06-29Use of fluorescent nanoparticles to investigate nutrient acquisition by developing Eimeria maxima macrogametocytesFrölich, S; Wallach, M
2014-11-14In vivo localization of antibodies raised against Eimeria maxima wall forming bodies during sexual intracellular developmentFrölich, S; Shahparee, A; Wasinger, VC; Wallach, M
2013-06-01The spatial organization and extraction of the wall-forming bodies of Eimeria maximaFrölich, S; Johnson, M; Robinson, M; Entzeroth, R; Wallach, M
2012-01-01Comparison of protective immune responses to apicomplexan parasitesWallach, M; Frölich, S; Entzeroth, R
2012-01Comparison of protective immune responses to apicomplexan parasites.Frölich, S; Entzeroth, R; Wallach, M
2011-12-01Understanding amoebic gill diseaseWallach, M; Nowak, BF
2011-01Strategies for Vaccination and Control of Apicomplexan Protozoan ParasitesWallach, M; Mendez-Vilas, A
2010-08-01Role of antibody in immunity and control of chicken coccidiosisWallach, M
2010-01-01Characterisation of an immunodominant, high molecular weight glycoprotein on the surface of infectious Neoparamoeba spp., causative agent of amoebic gill disease (AGD) in Atlantic salmonVillavedra, M; To, J; Lemke, S; Birch, D; Crosbie, P; Adams, M; Broady, K; Nowak, B; Raison, RL; Wallach, M
2007-04-01Carbohydrate epitopes are immunodominant at the surface of infectious Neoparamoeba spp.Villavedra, M; Lemke, S; To, J; Broady, K; Wallach, M; Raison, RL
2003-01Roles of tyrosine-rich precursor glycoproteins and dityrosine-/DOPA-mediated protein crosslinking in oocyst wall assembly in the coccidian parasite, Eimeria maximaBelli, S; Wallach, M; Luxford, C; Davies, MJ; Smith, NC