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4-May-2019An analysis of negative reviews in top art museums’ Facebook sitesWaller, DS; Waller, HJ
8-Oct-2018Opera costumes and the value of object biographiesWaller, HJ; Waller, DS
1-Jan-2018Gender differences in motivations to use social networking sitesNoguti, V; Singh, S; Waller, DS
1-Jan-2018Religion and Perceptions of the Regulation of Controversial AdvertisingWang, Z; Deshpande, S; Waller, DS; Erdogan, BZ
1-Sep-2017The impact of front-of-pack marketing attributes versus nutrition and health information on parents’ food choicesGeorgina Russell, C; Burke, PF; Waller, DS; Wei, E
1-Jan-2017Marketing education at the University of MelbourneEllis, RB; Waller, DS
5-Aug-2016Ghost or avatar? The value of conserving heritage signsWaller, DS; Waller, HJ
2016Gender Differences in Motivations to Use Social Networking SitesNoguti, V; Singh, S; Waller, DS; English, R; Johns, R
25-May-2015Photoshop and Deceptive Advertising: An Analysis of Blog CommentsWaller, DS; MARÍA JOSÉ, S
1-Jan-2015Best–worst scaling: A new method for advertisement evaluationMassey, GR; Wang, PZ; Waller, DS; Lanasier, EV
2015Attitudes towards sexual images in Chinese advertisements by religionWaller, DS; Fam, KS
1-Dec-2014Does the Use of Facebook Lead to Purchases?Waller, DS; Noguti, V; Singh, S; Rundle-Thiele, S; Kubacki, K; Arli, D
Jan-2014Comparing communication strategies to promote natural resource management programs to landholdersMorrison, MD; McCulloch, R; Greig, J; Read, D; Waller, DS; anon
Jan-2014Advertising Education in AustraliaKerr, G; Waller, DS; Richards, JI; Ross, BI
Jan-2014Online Media as an Information Source: Some Preliminary FindingsWaller, DS; Bossio, D
2014Embedding Ethics in the Business Curriculum: A Multi-Disciplinary ApproachWaller, DS; Freeman, LM; Hambusch, G; Waite, K; Neil, J; Wray-Bliss, E; Hooker, J
10-Sep-2013Offensiveness of Advertising with Violent Image Appeal: A Cross-Cultural StudyWaller, DS; Deshpande, S; Erdogan, BZ
4-Jan-2013Advertising dislikeability in Asia: Is there a relationship with purchase intention and frequency?Fam, KS; Waller, DS; Cyril de Run, E; He, J
1-Jan-2013Does ownership type matter for innovation? Evidence from ChinaJiang, L; Waller, DS; Cai, S
Jan-2013A model of advertising regulation in the digital worldWaller, DS; Kerr, G; Mortimer, K; Dickinson, S; Lee, T; Trees, K; Desai, R