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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Variational message passing for elaborate response regression modelsMcLean, MW; Wand, MP
1-Oct-2018Semiparametric regression analysis via Infer.NETLuts, J; Wang, SSJ; Ormerod, JT; Wand, MP
1-Sep-2018Generalised additive mixed models analysis via gammSlicePham, TH; Wand, MP
2-Jul-2018Rasch analysis of HTTPS reachabilityMichaelson, G; Roughan, M; Tuke, J; Wand, MP; Bush, R
1-Jun-2018Investigating the detection limits of scent-detection dogs to residual blood odour on clothingRust, LT; Nizio, KD; Wand, MP; Forbes, SL
1-Jun-2018Modeling the health effects of time-varying complex environmental mixtures: Mean field variational Bayes for lagged kernel machine regressionLiu, SH; Bobb, JF; Claus Henn, B; Schnaas, L; Tellez-Rojo, MM; Gennings, C; Arora, M; Wright, RO; Coull, BA; Wand, MP
1-Mar-2018On expectation propagation for generalised, linear and mixed modelsKim, ASI; Wand, MP
2-Jan-2017RejoinderWand, MP
2-Jan-2017Fast Approximate Inference for Arbitrarily Large Semiparametric Regression Models via Message PassingWand, MP
1-Jan-2017Accurate logistic variational message passing: algebraic and numerical detailsNolan, TH; Wand, MP
1-Dec-2016Bringing coals to NewcastleRyan, LM; Wand, MP; Malecki, AA
30-Jan-2016Variational methods for fitting complex Bayesian mixed effects models to health dataLee, CYY; Wand, MP
1-Jan-2016The explicit form of expectation propagation for a simple statistical modelKim, ASI; Wand, MP
1-Jan-2016Wavelet-based gradient boostingDubossarsky, E; Friedman, JH; Ormerod, JT; Wand, MP
1-Dec-2015Variational inference for count response semiparametric regressionLuts, J; Wand, MP
1-Sep-2015Searching for the best bet in life-strategy: A quantitative approach to individual performance and population dynamics in reef-building coralsKayal, M; Vercelloni, J; Wand, MP; Adjeroud, M
1-Jan-2014Real-Time Semiparametric RegressionLuts, J; Broderick, T; Wand, MP
1-Jan-2014Fully simplified multivariate normal updates in non-conjugate variational message passingWand, MP
1-Jan-2014Mean field variational bayes for continuous sparse signal shrinkage: Pitfalls and remediesNeville, SE; Ormerod, JT; Wand, MP
26-Aug-2013Mean field variational Bayesian inference for nonparametric regression with measurement errorPham, TH; Ormerod, JT; Wand, MP