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Jan-2011Pushover Testing of Circular Adobe StructureJinwuth, W; Samali, B; Wang, CC
Jan-2011Seismic Capacity Comparison between Square and Circular Plan Adobe ConstructionSamali, B; Jinwuth, W; Heathcote, KA; Wang, CC; NA
Jan-2010An advanced knowledge management and collaboration system in semantic web environment for construction organisationsWang, CC; Wang, Y; Yang, J; Shen Geoffrey, QP; Wong, J
Jan-2009An Integrated Risk Management Model for Large Construction Projects Based on Stakeholder Management TheoryWang, CC; Qiu, Y; 2009, TSC
Jan-2009An Integrated Construction Risk Management Model Based on Project Life CycleQiu, Y; Wang, CC; 2009, TSC
Jan-2009Risk Analysis Using Analytic Network Process for Construction Project TenderingQiu, Y; Wang, CC; Hussin, MW; Ismail, MA
Jan-2008Using Semantic Blogging to Support Knowledge Management in Construction IndustryXue, D; Wang, CC; Hawryszkiewycz, IT; Xie, Y; Patnaikuni, I
Jan-2008Using Domain Ontology in a Semantic Blogging System for Construction ProfessionalsWang, CC; Xue, D
Jan-2008Using IT to Implement a Multifaceted Organizational Learning Model to Enhance Knowledge Management for the Constrution IndustryWang, CC; Sankaran, S; Ren, A; Ma, Z; Lu, X
Jan-2007An Alternative Tool to Facilitate Construction Project Information Transfer: Blogging vs. EmailWang, CC; Zou, P; Newton, S; Wang, J
Jan-2006Tacit Knowledge Management in Construction Industry by Using a Collaborative SoftwareXue, D; Wang, CC; Runeson, G; Best, R
Jan-2006A knowledge management strategy for the construction organisations and the computer model designed for supporting itWang, CC; Runeson, G; Best, R
Jan-2005Application of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks in the Design and Construction of a Building Project in ChinaWang, CC; Song, Z; Hara, T
Jan-2005Mining key information of web pagesWang, CC; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Blair, S; Chakraborty, U; Chen, SH; Cheng, HD; Chiu, DKY; Das, S; Denker, G; Duro, R; Romay, MG; Hung, D; Kerre, EE; VaLeong, H; Lu, CT; Lu, J; Maguire, L; Ngo, CW; Sarfraz, M; Tseng, C; Tsumoto, S; Ventura, D; Wang, PP; Yao, X; Zhang, CN; Zhang, K
Jan-2004The Prototype Model of a Web Based Knowledge Sharing and collaboration support System for the Building IndustryWang, CC
Jan-2004Uplift Capacity of Rapidly Loaded Strip Anchors in Uniformed strength ClayWang, CC
Jan-2003A Knowledge-based Management Information System in Building ConstructionWang, CC; Healy, PL; Langston, C
Jan-2002A prototype of knowledge-based decision support system for construction cost managementZou, PX; Wang, CC; Anson, M; Ko, JK; Lam, ESS
Jan-2002Deep penetration of strip and circular footings into layered claysWang, CC; Carter, JP