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2024-01-12Using A Google Web Search Analysis to Assess the Utility of ChatGPT in Stem Cell Therapy.Chen, L; Li, H; Su, Y; Yang, Z; He, Z; Wang, D; Li, JJ; Xing, D
2024-01-01Multiple Teacher Model for Continual Test-Time Domain AdaptationWang, R; Zuo, H; Fang, Z; Lu, J; Liu, T; Yue, L; Webb, G; Wang, D
2024-01-01An Augmented Learning Approach for Multiple Data Streams Under Concept DriftWang, K; Lu, J; Liu, A; Zhang, G; Liu, T; Yue, L; Webb, G; Wang, D
2024-01-01Improving CCA Algorithms on SSVEP Classification with Reinforcement Learning Based Temporal FilteringOu, L; Do, T; Tran, XT; Leong, D; Chang, Y; Wang, Y; Lin, C; Liu, T; Yue, L; Webb, G; Wang, D
2024-01-01Controlling the Supramolecular Architecture Enables High Lithium Cationic Conductivity and High Electrochemical Stability for Solid Polymer ElectrolytesXie, K; Fu, Q; Chen, F; Zhu, H; Wang, X; Huang, G; Zhan, H; Liang, Q; Doherty, CM; Wang, D; Qiao, GG; Li, D
2024-01A Study on Sustainable Design of Traditional Tujia Village Architecture in Southwest Hubei, ChinaWang, D; Wei, X; Yan, X; Sohaib, O
2023-12-29A topic-controllable keywords-to-text generator with knowledge base networkHe, L; Shi, K; Wang, D; Wang, X; Xu, G
2023-12-01Has outward foreign direct investment alleviated industrial overcapacity in China? An empirical test of the upstream and downstream industrial linksWang, D; Wang, Y; Jiang, W; Shi, X
2023-11-16Optical Nonlinearity Enabled Super-Resolved Multiplexing Microscopy.Ding, L; Chen, C; Shan, X; Liu, B; Wang, D; Du, Z; Zhao, G; Su, QP; Yang, Y; Halkon, B; Tran, TT; Liao, J; Aharonovich, I; Zhang, M; Cheng, F; Fu, L; Xu, X; Wang, F
2023-11-15Calcium peroxide mediated sustainable microalgal-bacterial consortium system: Role and significance of configured anaerobic fermentationLiu, X; Xu, Q; Du, M; Yang, J; Lu, Q; Pan, M; Zhong, H; Wang, D; Ni, BJ
2023-11-01Sustainable development pathways of China's wind power industry under uncertainties: Perspective from economic benefits and technical potentialWang, Y; Wang, D; Shi, X
2023-10-26Audio-Visual Segmentation by Exploring Cross-Modal Mutual SemanticsLiu, C; Li, PP; Qi, X; Zhang, H; Li, L; Wang, D; Yu, X
2023-10-23Cortical tension drug screen links mitotic spindle integrity to Rho pathway.Wang, D; Wang, Y; Di, X; Wang, F; Wanninayaka, A; Carnell, M; Hardeman, EC; Jin, D; Gunning, PW
2023-10-15Sulfur-decorated Fe/C composite synthesized from MIL-88A(Fe) for peroxymonosulfate activation towards tetracycline degradation: Multiple active sites and non-radical pathway dominated mechanism.Qian, J; Zhang, Y; Chen, Z; Yu, R; Ye, Y; Ma, R; Li, K; Wang, L; Wang, D; Ni, B-J
2023-09-28An Empirical Study of Retrieval-Enhanced Graph Neural NetworksWang, D; Liu, S; Wang, H; Grau, BC; Song, L; Tang, J; Song, L; Liu, Q
2023-09-15Medium chain fatty acids production from anaerobic fermentation of food wastes: The role of fermentation pH in metabolic pathwaysWu, L; Wei, W; Chen, Z; Shi, X; Wang, D; Chen, X; Ni, BJ
2023-09-15Multiple roles of humic substances in anaerobic digestion systems: A reviewLong, S; Yang, J; Hao, Z; Shi, Z; Liu, X; Xu, Q; Wang, Y; Wang, D; Ni, BJ
2023-09In situ self-assembled organoid for osteochondral tissue regeneration with dual functional units.Yang, Z; Wang, B; Liu, W; Li, X; Liang, K; Fan, Z; Li, JJ; Niu, Y; He, Z; Li, H; Wang, D; Lin, J; Du, Y; Lin, J; Xing, D
2023-08-25Damage and deformation of new precast concrete shear wall with plastic damage relocationWang, D; Han, Q; Xu, S; Zheng, Z; Luo, Q; Mao, J